One Direction Sex Slave


This is a story, my story. My story about love, lust, and lost, a story about sex and struggles, but mostly, a story about hope. Hope to get out, hope to get over, hope to go on. This is my story, I'm Deseriee, and I'm One Direction's sex slave.

Chapter 1

Deseriee's pov

"Wake up Dez. Time to get ready." I hear the sweet angel's voice. It's Jasmine my foster sister. The only one I can count on since my parents died when I was nine causing me to live in the hell hole. My foster mom, Tracy, and foster dad, Bill, treat me like shit. Of course the only time they physically abuse me is when I don't do my job, or don't do it right. But 12 year old Jasmine is different. She is the reason I bother to live.

There isn't anything really to live for. No family to count on. No friends, I don't go to school considering the jobs. The only guys I meet are through my jobs and trust me, none of them are people I wanna start a life with. So really I have got nothing to live for. I have been depressed ever since my parents died in a car crash 2 years ago. My life isn't joy.

  The jobs are horrible and disgusting. My foster parents will do anything for cash, that includes torturing me. Every day is the same routine. I wake up, get ready, and entertain horny guys. I'm a stripper and a lap dancer. Yep fun right?(sarcasm) My foster mom owns the business and Jasmine advertises, luckily that's all she has to do. But me, I'm stuck being the entertainment.

  You don't know how disrespectful men can be. I have guys touch me without asking, or warning me. Not only do they touch me, they will try anything to fuck a 14 year old. Luckily my foster mom believes that a girl should not have sex before 16 if she's not a slut. Of course I don't think what I'm doing is any better. Also I have to let them touch me or they will complain and I will get punished, which I will end up with some nasty bruise making someone else to complain. Trust me, it's a painful process.

  I finally get out of bed and head to the bathroom. I comb through my long (mid back) black hair. My hair is cut like every other emo girl. I do it myself since it's a waste of money, that is coming from my foster mom. I take a shower then blow dry my hair. My hair is kinda straight but not board straight so I straighten it fully and walk to the kitchen. All I eat is a apple and head for the make up station.

  Inside the make up station is Tracy and Jasmine. My foster mom does Jasmine's make up and hair then mine. She curls the ends and puts puts mascara and eyeliner on me then leaves to take a shower. I look at the clock, 8:00pm. Yes we sleep through the day. Guys are the most hormonal at night, apparently. I go to walk to my bathroom when Jasmine pulls me back.

"What is it?" I ask softly.

"I overheard my mum and dad talking last night." she whispers.

"About?" I ask worried.

"They were talking about how they are going broke and that they need money." she says her voice cracking.

It's never a good thing when my foster parents go broke. I end up doing double work with more people. They also stop going shopping for a couple months and I have to garden fruits and vegetables. A bunch of shit happens. A tear rolls down Jasmine's cheek. She hates what I go through. We are all we have, I mean her parents love her and she has other family but she really only thinks of me as family.

"Hey hey hey, everything is going to be all right! okay?" I say trying to calm her.

"It's just I don't want to see you get hurt!" she silently sobs.

"This shit is happening and I can't do anything about it! Hurt is just a part of life." I say. "It just makes us stronger."

"Does it really?" she asks looking at the new scars I have from cutting myself. I pull my sleeve down hiding the cuts and hug her. I finally leave to my room, where I cut some more.

  At nine Tracy takes us to the business. We set things up and make sure the rooms are cleaned. Finally we open and my first customer of the night walks in.

  5 boys all around the age of 20 years old.


So this is my first chapter of my first 1d fanfic! I also have another fanfic about Ross Lynch so read that if you seem interested. I'm excited for this book! I'm not a directioner but Liam is hot! But don't worry my friend is a directioner so she will help me out a bit. Also don't forget to VOTE and COMMENT and RECOMMEND and FOLLOW me! Thanks loves, peace :-)

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