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It takes me about 5 minutes to absorb what just happened.




I look over at Tobias, who is sliding his shirt over his head, his hair falls in unruly patches around his face as he turns to look at me, smiling. I smile back and then remember that just seconds ago we were going to...what? What were we going to do?




I feel my stomach flip and heat rushes to my face as I look away but I know he saw me. "So... Ahh" clearing my throat I stand up and smooth the small wrinkles on my shirt to avoid looking at him. "What's all happened since-"my voice catches on the last word. He looks at me now with the stoic expression that I met him with.




"Since you sided with my father" the heat comes back making my already pale skin blotchy with shame.


"You already know that I had to do it, it’s not a bad thing" I tell him, my voice coming out husky and unsure. A few minutes ago he was saying how he saved me, how he would always be there to save me, where did this bombshell appear?




"How do I know that though? If it's not as bad as you say then why couldn't you have told me, Tris?"




He's standing closer now, much closer, close enough so I can see the line of black ink trailing it's way around the arc in his neck, his eyes now luminous instead of clouded, and I see the stumble on his jaw which is usually smooth to the touch. Unaware of my actions I reach out and rest my palm on his jaw, his eyes flutter shut, and his breath quickens, as does mine.




We stand like this for a few minutes, two blades at a stalemate, until finally he reaches his hand up and covers my hand with his, lacing his fingers between mine. "We can talk about this later" he breathes out, his breath stirs up loose strands of hair on my forehead. I sigh, relieved in knowing that the question is gone for the moment but the look in his eyes holds a promise.


Not knowing what to say I nod and start off down the dim corridor that Peter went through, leaving Tobias behind.




I hear the ruckus before I see it. The echo of voices slipping their way down the corridor pounding into my head.


They don't sound happy.


I feel my pace quicken and before I'm aware of it, I no longer hear Tobias changing behind me, my feet break into a run and my senses kick in using the voices as a compass leading me to my destination.


I'm a few yards from a thick metal door with no given handle when a tight muscled arm encircles my shoulders pulling me to a stop.


My assailants other arm reaches around my abdomen, pressing my back against his hard torso.


My body relaxes, then tenses. Whom I first thought was Tobias has a longer thinner build with sharper, tighter muscles. His arms don't handle me with the gentle care of Tobias but with the rough, jerky movements of someone who's trying not to care, but still, familiar.




I hear more foot steps down the hall as a hand covers my mouth and I'm pulled into the recess of a wall hidden from sight.




"Keep still, stiff”, And I do but not out of obedience. His voice so cold and sharp is like the crack of a whip. My mind whirls back to when I was an initiate, unaware of the dangers our faction would bring, when three boys attacked me and tried to kill me.




One of whom I thought was my friend died "with honor" the other was cast into shame as factionless and the third, a ruthless boy with a code for keeping things even, a boy who has tried to kill me, yet saves me on multiple occasions, who just walked in on me not minutes earlier.




"Peter" I try to say but it comes out as a grumble, his hand blocking the space for my voice to travel.


I hear Peter suck in a breathe ready to respond but he stills just as Tobias comes running down the corridor.


He must've sensed something was off because even from here I can see the lines of worry in his face, the drop of sweat clinging to his brow, The way his cheats heaves, he must've ran from his room.

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Shailene Woodleyas Beatrice Prior/Tris
Theo Jamesas Tobias Eaton/Four
Kate Winsletas Jeanine Mattews
Miles Telleras Peter
Maggie Qas Tori

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