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Abused(Mindless Behavior)boyxboy

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I woke with my face hot and stinging.What happened?I must have gotten beat again...I look around to see a familiar room.I'm laying in the rape room.Aw shit I have to get out...I slowly and carefully start to pick upper upper body.

The pain is excruciating,so I cringe and decide to lay back down.I felt the pain decreasing so about a minute later I heard the door knob turn.My heart starts to speed up.I look over towards what looks like a bathroom.

Since when did she have an bathroom?I get up and started slowly to the bathroom.I am not even out the bed before I see Star, my girlfriend.

All I can see was blackness in her eyes.I ran over to the bathroom crying and locked the door.I prayed to God for one of his angels to save me....

"Open the door Prince!!!" yelled the she-devil.I just hate Star. I can't stand her.She is always abusing me.I decided to sit in the corner crying.I sat there untill I heard footsteps running towards the door.When I open my eyes and see an angry Star and some guy with two braids.He reminds me of somebody. Star grabs and slaps me I shriek."Shut the fuck up Prince" Star says."Prince?"the man said as he looked up.

It was Ray.

Ray is going to rape me.Is he like me?Will he hurt me?I started crying harder while all these thoughts ran through my head...

"Nigga stop crying Star yelled.She held her hand up ready to punch me.I close my eyes."NO!!!"I hear Ray say just before she hit me.She looked at Ray."Let me handle him" Ray said "No!Your going to kill me!Please don't!"

"I don't care" said Ray.

Star smiled and walked away.


When I saw Prince on the floor all beaten up I was going to cry .I wanted to comfort him.The minute Star left I ran over to him.I missed my love much."NO!PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" He yelled .I just stared at him and started hugging him.He was so skinny.

"I won't hurt you I promise"He started crying louder. I just sat there comforting him. I can't believe that girl did this to him"No one loves me Ray I want to die.."I heard Prince choke out."Its ok I love you Prince"He stopped crying."What?"I noticed what I just said.

"I mean umm,uh,I uhh"I just looked at him in his big brown orbs." Are you still gay? " He asked.I just looked at him and felt a tear go down my face..." You love me? "He asked I nodded my head yes."Did you tell" I shook my head no."Why didn't you tell any one?People who love you wouldn't care.You were supposed to come out with me Ray....."

I was beyond mad."How do you know you ran away because everybody hated you. You don't know how hard it is." I said."Yes I do." he said. "Why are you acting like a bitch?All your are is weak and a faggot...Don't tell me what to do!!!"I said. I saw his hurt in his eyes.I didn't mean it like that.


I was mad as fuck. At me ,Star ,Prince every one. He started crying. He crawled over to the bed and he couldn't stand up to get in it. I sighed and I walked over there, picked him up and he was like 79 pounds.(DAYYMMNN)

"I don't rape boys. I'm sorry Prince. But I get paid to beat people up. And Star pai-" I got cut off."Your going to hurt me?" He asked.

"I don't know"

He looked at me and shook his head.He turn away from me and laid down in the fatal position.I touched his cheek and he screamed in horror.I jumped.He back away from me.

" Whats wrong?"I asked "Nothing" he said. I crawled over to his shaken body.I touched it again but this time harder.He yelled and started to cry.I grabbed his wrist."STOP!!!" he yelled as he ran to the bathroom crying. I heard a smash and I ran behind him and saw him crying.


I love him I'm just sensitive...All because of Star.Star....OMG Star is going to kill him.

"Ray beat me up" I demanded.He looked at me like I was going crazy."No" he said."You have to" I told him."NO,no matter what I do I won't.Why do you want me to?"He said."You have to or else they are coming for you.Ray it happened before.Somebody didn't do what she said and you know what happened?Star killed
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