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The Archangel [Closed]

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Voices were spoken like Kaya was under water. Her ears were hurting, had headache and her eyes was swallowed. She couldn't open her eyes. Kaya had to feel where she was. She was lying in bed, the blankets were covering her body to keep her warm and someone was sitting beside her.

"Kaya? Can you hear me?" She didn't recognize the voice. She couldn't move her body was like a flabby rag after being used for hours.

"What's going on?! I heard screams and shouting from in here! I demand to kn..." The deep booming voice had to be Amexels. And apparently, he had seen Kayas look.

"What happened to her?" He sounded shocked. Well, so was she. She had a headache and her body didn't want to response on her commands, she couldn't see and her hearing was bad as well.

For what Kaya could sense, the rest of the little army had gathered around her and Cullen’s bed.

“She just started to scream! And suddenly her eyes began to… Bleed!” Cullen brushed her hair and told her everything would be alright. His touches warmed her. They made her feel safe after this dream.

“Get some hot water and a rag to clean up her face.” Amexel commanded. Two soldiers said ‘yes Sir’ and moved out of the room. A few moments after, she heard the men come back. The General and the men spoke with quiet voices, he then called on Cullen. Kaya was not happy that he left her side now that she couldn’t see what was happening.  They spoke but she couldn’t hear what it was about. After a few moments he came back and a hot rag touched her eyes. It was painful. When Cullen was done with her first eyes, she opened it. She saw the rag and got terrified! The dream had been real. Her blood was no longer red like the rest of them, but silver. Cullen started on the other eye and soon she was able to see clear again.

“Cullen, take care of her now okay?” Amexel looked worried. The man beside her nodded and the men left their room. The bowl with the hot water and the rag was still there in case he needed it. She wanted to get some fresh air but as soon as she got to her feet her body collapsed on the wooden floor. Her body was drained for power. It could not carry her weight. Cullen had to help her back to bed when he saw her back was covered in blood. Kaya notice his expression.

“So it’s true then. Everything I dreamed about has happened?” Kaya wanted to cry but didn’t. It would hurt too much and she hadn’t recovered at all. She felt like a monster. No wonder why the village people had looked at her in fear, when they first came here. She wanted to get home. Home where no one judged her or looked at her like she was some freak show. At the castle she knew they were treated like family. They may only be servants and maids but they didn’t treat them badly.

“Amexel just told me that something is about to happen and not something good.” His voice was low and Kaya could hear he wasn’t happy at all. Amexel had told him more than just that. She could feel it in the way he was.

“What will happen? I just found out my blood is silver and I got wings!” She tried to sound demanding but for every breath she took it felt like her lungs would collapse.

“War. We are going to war.” Cullens emerald green eyes was filled with tears. He might be a Knight but he wasn’t the type that lusted for blood on his hands every time he could get the chance. He only went to war because he was forced to.

“Take off your shirt.” Kaya looked surprised at him. She didn’t move an inch.

“Take off your shirt or do you want me to help you?” His expression had changed from sad to teasing face. Apparently he had seen her expression.

“You have wounds on your back. I can’t clean them if you have your shirt on.” Kaya nodded. Every single movement sent a wave of pain through her but ignored it. She stood up a bit more steady than the last time she tried and got her shirt off. She felt the cold air embrace her torso and made her nibbles hardened. Cullen still sat at the edge of the bed, looking at her movement. From the moment her shirt was off his eyes traveled from her neck to the line of the dirty thin pants she was wearing. With swaying hips, Kaya moved closer and turned her back to Cullen. He came back to reality. Normally would Kaya have slapped men who were staring at her like a hungry hound. But not Cullen. It was like his eyes were careresing her skin and made her shrive, and she liked it. Kaya twitched when she felt the rough rag at her wounds. Water traveling down made her shrive even more.

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