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City in the Sky


Hey guys!! I just wanted to ask something of all of you that are reading this story. I was wondering if you could please comment on my story if you think I am doing a good job, or if you think that there is something that I can change. Also, please rate, and if you become a fan, than I will truely love you!!!


<3 Emily >.< 


City in the Sky 

Part 1: The Teaching

Its the start of a new term at school. I'm not at any regular school, but a school where vampires, angels, and humans train for when we have to make our mark in the new world. I'm a human, so I am separated from regular bloodthursty vampires by a huge wall, at least thirty feet tall. No one dares to cross it, since they face the risk of being expelled to the Tower of Eternal Pain, which is in the forbidden lands. I am at my last class right now, being bored by my friend kiki as she rants on about how great her boyfriend is. She is dating a human boy by the name of Haines. What kind of a name is Haines??? Why in hell would she like him? He sucks at sports, hes too moronic to comprehend ANY type of question, and he doesn't even have a good looking butt! Whatever. I am training to be a guardian at my school. When we finish here, we have to escort a vampire/angel to Elder City, which is suppose to be a long and hard journey. I'll still beat everyones ass to get there. Now its last class, and I have combat lessons, which of course is my fav time of the day! Now I'll get to show Dimitri how good I am at kicking kiki's butt. Oh and Dimitri is a vamp/angel who I have been crushing on since like, the third grade here. We are already best friends, and I know he doesn't see me as any more than that, but my heart still hurts when he talks to me, or is around me for that matter! Whatever. I guess I'll have to practice.


"Uh, Emily, you know he doesn't like you!!" Kiki explained to me as we sat in self defence class 

I quickly looked from Kiki to Dimitri, my eyes settling on his awesome abs. "I know, but just LOOK at him!!! He's like a friggin' god Kiki!" I sighed 

She hesitated, obviously taken over that I had called Dimitri, a half vampire half angel, a god. "Emily you know that the only gods here are angels... Dimitri is considered unclean by law!." She stated in which I replied by kneeing her in the shins. She moved over a bit, wincing in pain, that I didn't really mean to give her. 

"Whatever, Kiki. Future reference? Don't be such a prick!" I said as I danced away, taking a fighting stance and indicating that I was ready to practice fighting with Kiki. It had gotten really loud in here, with everyone making wrestleing sounds when they fight, and saying "HEEEYAAAA" when they karate chop someone. You know what? I am starting to think karate is really over rated. 

Kiki started to stand up to get ready to fight my awesome body, but before she could Dimitri stepped in front of me. His whole shirtless chest was smack in my face, and he was glistening with sweat! Oh my god. Oh my god oh my god! 

"Hey Em, what's up? You kicking butt today, or letting Kiki whoop your ass?" he said with a perfect grin. He automatically stepped in to hug me and I definitely jumped at the chance to touch his amazing biceps. 

"Both! So, hey, do you wanna go to the library later tonight to study for the huge math test later?" I asked 

He then slid back, away from me and started staring at my chest. "Sure but, sorry about your shirt..." he said slyly  

I quickly looked down to see that there was a dark stain of sweat covering most of my chest. "Ya, thanks for that great improvement on my shirt. You know how I love it when you shower? You need to do that more." 

"Do you want me to walk with you to your room so you can change your shirt?" he snickered as he held out his hand for me to take. Kiki started to giggle, then ran out of the room, and the bell rang that signified end of classes. 

"That would be nice!" I said sweetly as I took his hand. He then picked me up quickly, and started to run towards the gymnastics room.  

"I was being sarcastic you idiot!!!!!" I started to wiggle around in his grip, and then gave up because I knew he was too strong. 

"Guess what? I'm going to teach you how to fly!" he exclaimed as he started to ruffle his huge wings that were folded against his back as he was running. 

Omygod.... he's so manly when he does that... "Stop lying, you know you can't fly until you imprint with someone!" I said as I gazed up in his face

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