Lazy Day!

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Slendy was sitting in his favorite lounge chair while using his tendrils to hold you and a fan in the air so you felt as if you were flying. You stayed like that for a good hour before he got tired and set you down on his lap and wrapped a tendril around your waist.

BEN Drowned

You two just sat around in your pajamas and watched old cartoons while eating nothing but cereal and drinking sodas. You thought BEN looked adorable in his long, plaid green winter bottoms and a loose green T-Shirt~

Jeff the Killer

Jeff was standing in the kitchen with just his hoody and dark boxers. You scolded him and insisted he put on a bit more clothing.

"How come you can do it and it's sexy, but when I do it- It's just wrong!?"

You rolled your eyes while he stomped upstairs, returning with black pajama bottoms that resembled his normal pants.

Eyeless Jack

You both weren't feeling up to cleaning or doing anything at all, really. So you made a couple of sandwiches for you two while he pulled out a blanket and a few pillows. You turned on the radio and you both just sat on the couch, side by side, eating and listening to music in silence.


You were both bored and way to lazy to do anything that involved

getting out of bed so you decided to pull out Masky's video camera.

You both laid in bed together just fimling eachother doing stupid things like singing opera into a pillow.


Hoody wanted to go on a long walk for exercise, but the only "exercise" you planned on doing anytime was breathing exercises for sleeping. Hoody sighed and you listened to him let out a long whistle. You heard the sound of a dog running closer and closer to you. Before you knew it, your dog Hoods was licking your face.

Lost Silver

You both sat around in bed, still in your pajamas.

You cuddled a couple of times and even ended up taking a nap together! Other than that, you both sat in bed and pretended to care for Silver's pokemon stuffed animals.


You both played dead in random places of the house.

Red had his legs and lower back resting on the couch while his head was only a few inches from the hard floor.

You were 'dead' on the kitchen table when you heard him loud thump.

"AAAGGGGHHAAA!" You sat up and waited for more detail on the situation.

"Can we play a different game ____!? ...My head hurts..."

Dark Link

"____?" You looked up at your Dark who was half asleep on the couch next to you. "I'm bored."

"Then let's go do something." You were already standing up when Dark gripped your wrist. "What's wrong Dark?"

"I'm way too lazy to do anything that involves me getting up from this couch. I'll just deal with the boredom."

You sighed and sat back down next to him.

Laughing Jack

You had gotten out of bed to brush your teeth real quick since you hated the scent and thought of bad breath. When you came back