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You're best friends but end up sleeping in the same bed Part 2


Liam:-Night, (Y/N)!-

        -Night, Liam.- you mumbled.

        Liam and you were having your weekly movie marathon. It’s the middle of the winter and it’s pretty cold in this room despite fire. You were wrapped in bunch of blankets. Tonight you were watching all parts of Ice Age. It was hilarious. Both, you and Liam loved Disney cartoons.

       You just couldn’t fall asleep. You were cold. You could barely feel your feet anymore. For some time now you were thinking to go and wake Liam up. You got up and slowly walked to his door.

       -Li?- you peeked in. -Li? Are you awake?-

       -(Y/N)?- he said in a sleepy voice -Is that you?-

       -No, it’s Petar Pan!- you said mocking him.

       -Really?- he said.

       -No, Liam, I’m messing with you!- you rolled your eyes. I’m cold and can’t fall asleep.

       -Oh.- he said disappointed that you’re not really Petar Pan, but after he realized what you’ve said after he got up.- God, you’re cold. Um… do you want me to—

       -Can I just sleep with you?- you cut him off.

       -Yeah!- he said and moved to the other side of the bed so you can get in. -Do you need anything?-

       -No, Li! I’m good, thanks.- you said and got in bed. You were lying on your side of the bed, but just couldn’t get any warmer. You could tell that Liam’s not sleeping by his breathing.



       -Can you come closer? I’m still cold.-

       -Of course!- his arms wrapped around you.

       -Thank you.-

       -(Y/N)! You are freezing!- he exclaimed.

       -I know.- you giggled.- But I’m fine now.- you said and snuggled up closer to him.

       -I like this.- Liam said and you knew he meant on you being close to him.

       -Me, too.-

       -I… I like you (Y/N). More than a friend. I like you like a person I wanna marry. I want my children to call you mommy. I want you to be person that they will go when the’re scared, insecure or just wanna talk to someone. You make my heart race. Right now my heart is beating so fast that I can barely breath. I love you (Y/N). I love you more than a friend.-

        You were quiet. You couldn’t bealive what you’ve just heard. 

        -I…I love you to Liam. I love that you are so caring and patient with me and…. I want to be like this forever. I wanna have you by my side forever.-

        He slowly put his lips on yours. You weren’t cold anymore.

Niall:-Come on! Let’s go home.- you wined.

       -One more drink. Just one more drink. I promise.- Niall slurted and kissed you on the cheek.


       Saturday. EvERY Saturday you and Niall go to the clubb. Your agreement is that every time on of you won’t drink so you could get home safe. Today was your time of staying sober. You were bored.

       -Can we go now? PLEASSE! I’m gonna die of boredom!-


       He fell on the bed.

       -C’mon Niall. You have to take that clothes off!-

       -I don’t wanna. I wanna sleeeeep.-

      -Take it off!- you said, pulling his sleeve.

      -Fine!- he said and took his clothes off. You stopped when he tried to take his boxers off.

      -NO! Stay in them!-

      -Can I go to sleep now?-

      -Yes! But you know that’s not cool. You always make me brush my teeths.-

      -That’s cos’ you have lovely teeth.-

      -Night, Ni!- you said and planted a kiss on his forehead.

      -Stay! Lay in with me!-

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