personality-loves cupcakes,gardening,puppy,apple,shy and scold

"Hey! Hat and Clogs! You there?!" Ichigo yelled.U had an iron grip on Renji's sleeve.He looked down at you.U was terrified.What got you so terrified of Urahara?"Ichi-san! And Abarai-san,what a surprise!" Urahara whipped out his fan and greeted the three with a large grin.By now,you had completely hidden yourrself behind Renji, and he could feel her trembling, even through the gigai."Oi, hat and clogs, we got someone who wanted to meet y-" When Ichigo turned to look at you, he stopped mid-sentence to seeyou missing."Renji, where'd she go?!" Renji raised his thumb and pointed to his back."A she, huh? Hopefully that'd mean she's pretty." Urahara joked, fanning himself."Well drag her out, she wanted to see him." Ichigo said, resisting an annoyed growl.He knelt down at you."Hey,c'mon, It's just Urahara, come on." he whispered, so Urahara andRenji couldnt nobbed your head and buried it in renji'sback. He sighed and turned around quickly to grab your wrists. "Come on, now." And that was the end of any if, ands or butsyou could muster. He pushed her forward, with a little too much force. She had almost collapsed on your knees in front of Urahara."Inoyukia" Urahara dropped his fan whenyou looked up at him with your one visible eye.'this is my niece,inoyukia.''Renji said rubbing her head."Nice to meet said quietly.''he said.''nice to meet you too."Renji told you that he had to shook your head no.he only sight then kiss yor forehead.he began to break into tears and urahara put his hand on your shoulder.''dont cry,ino-san,he'll be back next monday.''you sniffed then buried your face in his back.he chuckled.''it seem that youre shy.''you said.''yes.''he rubbed your head then you smile at him.for the rest of the day,you and him spen time working on a garening inthe back.he gave out with something.''hey,ino,come here for a walk over to him.''yes,what is it."urahara said.''i got you a gift.renji say that that you love these.''he gave it to you and you open it.''a puppy!"you was a golden reciver.''i'll love,take for it and name is Honey.''honey lick you r face.''thank you urahara youre the best.''he said smiling.''youre welcome.''we work in the house and he di too.''i already have the dog food,the poop scooper and the drop your dog on the floor and kiss urahara on the cheek.he kiss you back on the blush slightly."i love you.''you said.''i love to you.he then picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bedroom and laid you on the bed. he got on top of you and kissed you, you kissed him back and soon clothes were removed and the two of you had a great night showing how much the two of you loved each other.two of you had even more fun.

Damn it,damn it,double damn it!"you shouted, punching the wall of the bathroom. How the hell could you have been so stupid, allowing Urahara to have his calm down and open the door.urahara was there waitng for you.he had a smile on hs face.''hi my lily,'he sang. "the hell with with you Kisuke.''he glanced at you from under his hat, "Now now, what's wrong with you. You happen to be very important to me and i dont want you over-working yourself" Giggling you turned around so he could wrap one arm around your waist, "Im not over-working myself Kisuke, you know that.if you understand i'm going to help soifon with something."you vanish.

you were helping Soi fon with some of her work when she asked " don't look so well today" you said "that's because i'm not feeling my best and i was sick this morning" she said "then maybe you should go to the fourth division and get a check up" you said "but i don't need to.I'm pregnant.''Soi fon look at you.''really, are you going to tell kisuke about it."you sigh.'i dont know.''she said.''you should know Ino-dono.''you made a face.''he'll finger it out himself.''You didnt really care if he knew that you were pregnant with his child.soi fon grabbed your arm.''so are you just not going to tell him right.that's mess up,ino.he needs to know.he's going to be a father and you are going to bebeautiful mother. dont be selfish and not tell him.''you look down and said.''alrighty.''she gave you a tissuse.''i'm not crying.''you said.''yes you are.''i snatch the tissuse as she hug me.''are you scared.''you shook your head.'' i dont know how to take care of my own self yet.''she said.''dont worry,kisuke got it.he knows about babies. now go tell him.i'll take it from nob and vanish.