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and then I met you

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Chapter 12 The British Condition


There are moments in life where you would rather be on Mars in a cow costume, than facing the situation you’re in. This was one of those moments. Zack was looking curiously at me, while Jessica looked like a lunatic who could finally kill off her target. She even went so far as to send me a sleek smile, as she interrupted the awkward silence; “So Alex you went to see the tryouts…” I exhaled in relief until she continued her evil smile growing wider, “...all by yourself?”


On my inside I was screaming at God, faith, destiny - whoever was responsible for me ALWAYS running into Jessica, when I was alone. Every single freaking time I was alone, which didn’t really help in the situation.


But it wasn’t me to loose my face to a bully like her; if she wanted to fight dirty. I could do that too.


I narrowed my eyes at her ignoring that Zack Foster was watching us. The tension between Jessica and me was probably pretty intense - we probably looked as someone ready to jump on one and another.


I just managed to open my lips, as Zack interrupted; “you know what Jessica? I’ve changed my mind about that thing you asked me to come to.”

I stared at Zack totally confused; what was he talking about? And how was that relevant to anything Jessica had just said?


My eyes went to Jessica for her reaction; she looked surprised but like she understood what he was talking about, “sure. That would be great! It’s gonna be a brilliant night - I knew you wouldn’t miss it. No one says no to this kind of thing. I can’t wait to see yo-”. Zack interrupted her stream of words abruptly, as he looked at her; “but I got one condition.”


The look in Jessica’s eyes changed from being superior to being suspicious, as she awaited his condition. I just glared at the two of them; this was in no way relevant for me. Maybe Jessica got the satisfaction of getting Zack acceptance to her party or whatever it was - right in front of me, as I wasn’t invited. I still found the subject odd - especially because it was Zack who had brought it up, but at least that left no room for Jessica to bug me.


I waited just as Jessica to hear Zack’s one condition. I was guessing it was probably an invitation to the party Jessica was throwing on Friday. All the cheerleaders and football players were invited to celebrate whoever had been chosen at the tryouts - only most of the times the party didn’t involve real celebration. It was merely an excuse to throw a party at Jessica’s house.


“I’ll go if Alex can come too,” Zack spoke loudly and clearly. My eyes moved so rapidly to his, that I for a moment thought I’d heard wrongly. But his clear eyes, which in this lighting looked slightly more blue than green, was looking confidently back at me. He even winked at me, just before Jessica interrupted with a loud shrieking; “what!”


Ironically enough her outburst pretty much matched my reaction on the inside. What on earth was he doing? I stared at him looking for any sign of him playing a joke on me. But there was nothing. He looked like he actually meant it - but why?


I looked over at Jessica, who now looked a little too annoyed for my taste. So annoyed that I would prefer to be in a safe distance away from her actually. I could read from her eyes, that she was pondering whether this was my plan. And that would definitely seem more realistic than Zack Foster actually making a condition like that on his own. I mean wasn’t he the one who only days ago had tried changing classes just to avoid me? Hadn’t I been so rude towards him, that I had scared him away by now?


On one hand Jessica couldn’t say no - that meant Zack wouldn’t come. But on the other hand she clearly despised me and the fact, that I apparently was ‘close friends’ with Zack. Of course that wasn’t really the case - and I had absolutely no idea, why Zack was trying to make it look that way.


Jessica got herself together and sent Zack a strained smile as she with clearly fake enthusiasm announced; “sure!”

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12. The British Condition


Lily Collinsas Alex Stone
Zac Efronas Zack Foster
Barbara Meieras Emily Johnson
Chace Crawfordas Nathan Foster
Cameron Mitchellas Jonathan Downey
Aaron Johnsonas David
Julie Ganzaloas Jessica
Colton Haynes as Patrick

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