Fiona slowly opened her eyes. She had a good sleep last night. When she awake she felt something on her stomach and it felt like someone was pulling her. Her hand was intervined with some other hand.

Panicked crossed her face. She instantly turned around and her forehead collided with another forehead.

"Owww” Both said in unison.

When she saw it was Justin with whom she was snuggling with, I was relived but blushed instantly. But due to their close proximity, both jerked and sat up immediately.

"Shit! I am so sorry I didn’t mean to do that. I swear I didn’t do it intentionally...I mean..." Justin started rambling like crazy. To which Fiona started laughing which earned her questioning look from Justin "its ok. It’s not exactly your fault I am a bit of snuggler" Fiona told him embarrassingly.

"Ohm that’s why you usually sleep with pillow so close to yourself?" he asked curiously.

"Uhh yes” which made her blush

He sighs with relief. "Phew! I don’t want to upset you."

"You didn’t".

They both were silent for a while.

"So what is today’s plan?" Fiona asked breaking the silence.

"I was thinking about beach” he answered

"Okay cool so ill get ready...or you want to shower first"

"Well we can save time you know" he was teasing now.

"Dream on hubby" Fiona said rolling her eyes to hide her blush.

"Always wifely" he winked 

"By the way you look cute when you blush and you can go and shower first"

She was full red and immediately went inside the bathroom. She took the shower and wore the robe and came outside.

For Justin, Today was one good start to the morning. He can get use to fact about getting up with Fi in his arms. After their little flirting session she went to bath. She came out wearing a bathrobe and her hair was wet. Like a jerk he was drooling on her so he immediately went to shower.

During whole shower her mind was filled with Fiona. 

He came out of the bathroom and found the sight in front of him gorgeous. In front of him was Fi standing in all her glory.

She was wearing a half pant, white loose see through tee due to which Justin was able to see the tank top she was wearing underneath. She wore flip flops. Her hair was opened. She looked beautiful and mind you she wasn’t wearing a makeup other than a baby pink lip gloss.

When Justin came out of the shower he was just wearing a towel so Fiona immediately covered her eyes and turned around.

"Déjà vu" he was laughing “I am not completely naked.

Fiona didn’t respond to him and kept her eyes close.

“Ok ok I am changing"

After few more minutes he said


She turned around and took a breath.

"You are so innocent" he stated.

 Gosh she is so innocent and cute. Justin grabs her arm and they both left to have a breakfast. After eating their snacks they went to the beach. The beach was beyond beautiful. Even Fi was mesmerised.

Justin layed the mat on the sand and put the take away sandwiches and many other food items for their lunch on the blanket.