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Naruto Shippuden High (On hold sorry for inconvience be back soon maybe)


Sorry I've been spending the last 5 minutes laughing like a retard for no reason at all (sasuke pointing: QUEER!) Anywayz enjoy the story ;)


Or don't but plz do! Btw I dont have chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 60955487388 or whatever caz its confusing AND its from Sakura Hinata ten-ten and Ino's point of veiw so yeas.... I'm a chick ok I dont write stories from guy point of views....Actully that sounds like fun....(sasuke pointing again: MAJOR QUEER!) Enjoy the story while I bash up that duckbutt T_T BYE! -waves leek retardly- ^_^

New apartment house thing. New school. Everything was going great. Sakura, Ino, Ten-ten and me were walking with our bags to our new aparment. We lived on a pretty shady side of town. The four of us walked past a big black building with a red white outlined cloud on the front. A group of boys and a girl wearing black jackets with the same cloud on the back were outside talking. I'm the only one who noticed them. We walked to the next house which was a dark blue. Sakura pulled out a key and opened it up. "Wow!" Ten-ten said. The place was awesome. Everything was either dark blue, blue, light blue or white and it looked stunning. There was a kitchen a lounge room a bathroom and upstairs four bed rooms. I got the room with the dark blue walls and ebony furniture. Ten-ten got a deep red room with oak furniture. Ino got a white room with hickory furniture. And Sakura got a dark almost black purple room with birch furniture. (I had to look up types of wood...Hm Ino and Sakura should of been in a cell XD) I set down my stuff it was still 12 pm. (Lunch) Since we had eaten earlier I decided to go for a walk. I went outside and the boys and girl were still outside. I walked over to them. "Ohayou gozaimasu." I said. They all looked at me. They were pretty itmidating but I was going to try and make a good impression. A guy with shoulder-length red hair and the rinnegan rolled his eyes and looked at the sky. The girl knudged him in the ribs. A guy with long spiky black hair and the sharigan looked at an orange haired guy. The orange haired guy walked up to me. "Hello. My name is Yahiko I'm sorry about my friends...Some (he says some looking at Madara, Hidan and Nagato) dont have the best socail skills. You and some other girls just moved in yes?" He seemed nice enough. The girl stepped up next to Yahiko she had blue hair and a paper flower in her hair. "My name is Konan and the red head with the rinnegan is Nagato. He can get kinda shy." She said smiling. "The name is Madara call me anything else and you are as good as dead." The long spiky black haired guy basically growled. I must've looked taken back because Nagato hit him in the back of the head. "MY name is Hidan and zombie over there is Kakuzu." A silver haired guy said pointing at a pretty tan guy leaning against the wall. He had a stiched up mouth. "Your looking at my mouth." He said eyeing my sucipoiously. "It's pretty cool." I told him. He looked surprised. That earned a laugh from a blue guy. "I'm Kisame and this is Itachi!" He said swinging his arm around another black haired guy with the sharigan and scar things on his face. "I'm Deidara yeah. Thats Sasori no danna." A blonde guy who kinda looked like Ino said pointing at another red head sitting on the stairs leading to the black building. "We're Zetsu." A voice from behind me whispered. I froze and turned around. "Jashin you scared her." The white half of the plant man said. "So the new chick is a scaredy cat not my fault." The black half said. "Yes it is your fault." The white half said.

Black:"No it isn't"

White: "Yes it is."


White: "Fine I'm not talking to you."

Black: "Hmpf see if I care!"

Yahiko kinda sweatdropped. "Um....We never caught your name." "I'm Hyuuga Hinata." I told them. Hidan muttered something that sound like great another know it all. I looked at him and continued. "My pink haired friend is Haruno Sakura, my blonde friend is Ino and my brunette friend is Ten-ten." Hidan started laughing like a moron. "So what are your other friends names? Eight-eight? Nine-nine...NO WAIT LET ME  GUESS One-one! Just like a dog!" By then he was rolling on the ground laughing. Kakuzu kicked him in the ribs. "Ow what the fuck Kakuzu!" Hidan yelled getting back to his feet. Madara kicked an empty coke can onto the road. "Don't scare her Hidan you stupid ass jashin bitch." Kakuzu said. I sighed as the two of them got into a fist fight. Ten-ten came outside. "Hey Hinata we need you inside for a sec!" She shouted. She took one look at Hidan and Kakuzu shrugged her shoulders and walked back inside. "Well I've got to go!" I said walking away. "Nice meeting you." I walked inside and shut the door. "So what do you need me for Ten-ten?" I asked walking into the kitchen...

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