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Chapter 1

Bella Pov

I'm different. Yes, I am. I walked down the school hall. I'm on a mission search for someone, yes someone then bring him up he was to be my mate, my husband. I don't want to do that,but my father said it was necessary. A truce to have a vampire god. So there I was. As the goddess of the hunt, people expected me to look boyish but instead I was pretty, maybe even prettier than the goddess of love. I floated down the hall, I clicked with a group instantly. There was an aura that screamed beautiful around me. I was not interested all I wanted was to find the vampires, choose one and go. I glanced around. None at least not yet. Then I saw them. The Cullens a group of vampires. Thankfully vegetarian but still my animals..... I glanced back. My wings were safely tucked inside.

Edward POV

The new girl she smelled delicious. Alice stared at her. She was scary her mind told me. No future nothing. I tried to read her mind. Nothing. Definitely not natural.

The lunch bell rang again. I trudged to my class. Only to see Bella, the new girl. Weird animals, they crowded around Bella's window. Seriously weird. But I think I'm falling for her. Falling bad