what next? a Merome love story! BajanCanadian x JeromeASF

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Mitch's pov

I missed him so much.
His hands were touching my lower back.

And he kissed my forehead.

" Mitch do you want to.. "
He blushed like crazy.

" Mitch do you want to uhh.. be my boyfriend? "
His hands were shaking, and an awful memmory hit me. hard. It was Ty. Me and him were still dating.

His long locks covering his eyes, his smile his..- NO MITCH.

' don't do this to yourself Mitch. You've always wanted Jerome, there's not gonna be a second chance. '
I thought to myself.

His eyes were still locked on mine, but the fact that i have been cheating on Ty the whole time started to sink in.
It was time to choose. It was really bad that i had hurt Ty so much without him even noticing that he got cheated on. I don't think that he knew what was going on, but deep down i secretly wanted him to know.

" Mitch? "

" i.. i mean if you don't want to.. Just say something! please! anything.. i'll be fine "
I started crying and snuggled my head onto his bare chest.

He put his arms around me, it felt comforting.

" Why does everything has to be so complicated "
And he held me tighter.

" shhh, everything will be okay Mitch. Just follow your heart, and whatever your decision will be, i'll respect it without any doubt "
I looked into his eyes and he ran his fingers trough my hair.

" Jerome i'd love to be your boyfriend, well i just want to hold you and and run away. But i can't, what about Ty.. i can't be your boyfriend untill i break up with Ty. And i don't really know how to. Because i can't just tell him oh yeah i've been cheating on you with one of our best friends the whole time and you were just a cover up. I can't... I have to figure stuff out biggums. Because to be honest, i've been madly in love with you for the past 4/5 years. I just feel horrible that i've been cheating on Ty the whole time "

He let go of me, and he laid his head on one of his pillows. I then noticed how messy the room was. There were pillows and blankets everywhere and even some of Jerome his stuff fell. I also realized that we were laying on a broken bed, what i accidentally broke earlier. woops.

" Mitch, it's okay. I'll wait. And even if you decide that you still want to move on with Ty.. I'll wait. You're too special to let go of. I can't move on anymore, you mean too much to me. I don't think that i'll ever love someone else besides you "

~ fasting forward 2 weeks woopsiedoodles ~

Jerome's pov

Mitch and i were finally together. He broke up with Ty 2 days later.

I got on my computer and opened internet. I checked my tumblr and checked dailyteamcrafted.tumblr.com, as usual. I got on twitter and checked the world wide trends.
" what the heck is a skylox? "

I clicked on it and Sky and Deadlox appeared on the screen. All the fangirls lost their minds. What was going on?

@JeromeASF: what's going on guys? what happened?! and #Skylox?

I checked my interactions and saw a tweet from a girl named beeaauu or something

@Ricksabs: @JeromeASF dude have you been living under a rock lately? they're dating biggums :D

I'm gonna start a new fan fiction after this one, i think that i'm gonna do 1/2 more chapters tho..
please comment and tell me what do you think about doing a new fan fiction after 1 or 2 chapters or do you want me to continue with this one?

Beaurrito. c:

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