The Wolf Inside - Chapter Two

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Alright, just gotta quickly say something here since one or two people have complained about this.

Apparently some people, despite only reading TWO chapters and knowing NOTHING about Ashley or why she is the way she is, have complained that she’s a Mary Sue character.

First off, aren’t Mary Sue characters meant to be loved by like…..everyone?? I’m pretty sure Ashley isn’t liked by any of the characters so far.

She’s rude, cold, sarcastic and yes, there is a VALID reason for it. Yes, I have introduced her as a strong, independent character to make her seem interesting to both the reader and the other characters. However, like every human being alive, she has her flaws, and she has MANY of them.

They just haven’t been explained yet. This is a long story, and it takes awhile for you to get to know her. She doesn’t just up and change into a super happy, loveable character all of the sudden, and I’m not spilling all her secrets this very second. It wouldn’t keep people reading if that happened.

So, give my Ashley a chance, and you’ll come to understand why she’s such an arrogant, unlikeable bitch at the moment! ^-^

.....Okay, that was longer than I thought…….My bad :P


Pic of Naruto  --->

Kakashi’s POV

I stare at the girl before me thoughtfully. She says she’s been in a tree this whole time, yet I never sensed her there at all. There’s no way that a normal Genin would be able to hide their chakra like that. Heck, even some Chunin can’t hide their chakra that well…….It just makes me more suspicious of her.

Ashley looks back at me evenly, unperturbed by my scrutinizing look. I mentally shake myself and reach into my pocket, pulling out a small alarm clock.

“Okay, this is set for twelve o’clock” I explain as I set it down on a tree stump. Sakura and Naruto watch me curiously, as Ashley blows a strand of hair out of her face and Sasuke lets out a bored sigh. I roll my eyes at my two uninterested students and reach into my other pocket, pulling out three bells.

“I have here three bells” I continue. “Your task today is very simple. All you have to do is take them from me.” This earns me incredulous looks from everyone but Ashley. Her face stays as stony as ever.

“For those who don’t have a bell by twelve, you will be tied to a tree stump, without getting any lunch, and I will eat mine in front of you” I say with a cheery smile. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke groan, probably just realizing why I told them not to eat any breakfast. I catch Ashley smirking to herself, making me wonder if she did eat this morning. Going by the attitude I’ve received from her so far, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she did. Brat.

“You only need to get one bell each” I continue, my tone not matching my train of thought at all. “As you can see, there are only three bells….meaning that at least one of you won’t get one. That person will be tied to the stump and will fail the test. Failing this test will result in you being sent back to the Academy.”

Sakura gasps, while Naruto’s fists clench in determination. Sasuke and Ashley don’t react at all, choosing to stare at me sullenly instead.

“You may use any weapon that you like for this test” I inform my Genin. “As long as you come at me with the intent to kill, because if you don’t, you will not pass” I add darkly. Sakura steps a bit closer to me, her eyes filled with worry.