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Imagine #5

So Justin and you are going to his mums house for dinner. You both are getting ready you wore a white top that's cut from the sides and black jeans and white heels an you just curled your hair and put a bit of foundation mascara and clear lipstick. Justin was wearing his swaggy clothes with his gold chains.

You both finished and you walked down stairs and Justin checked you out and told you that you looked beautiful and you said yea you don't look bad your self then he rolls his eyes playfully.

You both got into the car and you both pumped up the music loud and started singing this that.

You finally arrived at patties house you both got out and went into the house.

You saw so many pictures of his mother when she was young and you just looked at it and wished your mum was still alive she died when I was 6 years old so I just live with my dad and sister and brother now.

You finished dinner and pattie was yelling at Justin I don't know why because I had gone to the bathroom and looked at the frames on the wall.

Justin walked past me angry and said come on babe were going so your like oh um okay? You quickly went to pattie and thanked her for the dinner and hugged her and said bye.

You both go into the car and you ask Justin what happened he doesn't reply he just says my mum is annoying and saying shit about her and I said to him Justin be thankful you even have a mother some people out there don't even have parents and you start to tear up and look away

Then he says i don't care Man!

Then you said Justin really you don't care about me I have no mother and yet you don't appreciate what she does you say low

He says OMG no baby i didn't mean it like that I do care about people that don't have a parent but I'm just pissed off that why it came out like that I'm sorry

You: no it's alrigjt don't worry

Justin: stops the car and kisses her then start making out for 5 minutes

He says I love you

You say I love you to

Thank guys I hope you enjoyed it please comment ideas and vote for my story I'll be uploading everyday

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