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All About the Fanservice - BoyxBoy Oneshots


Warnings: Detailed sex scene lies ahead. Good, smexy fun. Proceed with caution.

Request: hide_my_tears

"Hi! I want to reguest a here goes *ahem*

and if you can please base the one shot around this poem I wrote

One smiles

The other crys

While one is hiding

The other shows too much

When they meet they form the perfect balance

But two things keep them apart

Eachtime they met, one ran

And the other reason

Each is a man

and on a final note i would like the other boy to be named Matthew you may choose his appearance :)"

Note: Whew, never wrote smut from a poem before. A first time for everything indeed. This was quite a challenge, but I liked it. Hopefully it will be to your satisfaction.

Title: You Can’t Hide

He was crying. He knew he was. But Jayc refused to acknowledge them. He was staring at the older male before him…who was smiling at him. It wasn’t a genuine smile, though. It was forced, fake.

“I don’t love you,” Matthew stated smoothly.

Jayc flicked his emo styled bleach blond hair from his forest green eyes with a tilt of his head. He refused to look away from Matthew’s light grey eyes. However, Matthew wasn’t looking at him. He was gazing just off to the side to him. Looking at everywhere but into his eyes.

Even as the tears well in his eyes, Jayc kept his ground. “You’re lying.”

Matthew continued to smile. “No I’m not.”

“Then why don’t you look me in the eyes and say that?”

“We can’t,” Matthew spoke, again his eyes not looking into Jayc’s eyes. “We’re both men.

“Stop it!” Jayc cried, an outburst of emotion. “It doesn’t matter. You can be in love with a man. I’ll be better than some woman, Matthew. You know I can.”

“It isn’t right.”

“Then make it right.”

Matthew continued to smile and shook his head, as if he wanted to deny everything, but then he paused, as if hypnotised. Jayc’s heart leapt into his throat. He knew Matthew needed to make love to him as much as he needed him to. They had slept together once before and it was incredible. They were good for each other. They were perfect for each other.

If only…

Matthew’s hand came up to tilt Jayc’s chin and his mouth suddenly came down toward his. As his lips reached his, Matthew’s wrapped his arms around him and pulled him abruptly against him. And Jayc moaned softly, his eyes slipping close.

Knowing that it may be the last chance to kiss Matthew again, Jayc threw his arms around his neck, drawing his mouth deep into his. It was devastatingly easy to be completely lost in the feeling of Matthew’s tongue against his. And as Matthew’s body strained against his, hard and heavy, Jayc felt his desire growing for him. Matthew was hard, pressing against his.

Matthew invaded his mouth as if he owned it, and Jayc surrendered to his possession, impatience born of long suffering. He had waited so long for this. His whole world contracted to Matthew’s bedroom, absolutely nothing else mattered.

In mere seconds, Matthew’s hands found their way under Jayc’s shirt, touching the sensitive skin on the small of his back.

“Let’s move,” Matthew muttered, steering him toward the bed. Jayc clung to him, afraid of separation. And he continued to scatter kisses over Matthew’s collar bone and neck, as Matthew nibbled on his ear, distracting him. They were both distracted. And chance of common sense interfering well and truly gone.

They reached the bed, Matthew sitting down and drew Jayc down onto his lap, pulling him against him savagely. Jayc sank against him, his body fitting perfectly with his. The night air from the open window was cool against his shoulders and back as Matthew slid his shirt over his head.

“Please,” Jayc whispered and at last felt Matthew hot mouth on his chest. He shivered in pleasure as Matthew sucked and licked at his nipples, making him arch toward him in a gesture of unrestrained offering. “Ah!”

Matthew groaned and kissed him deeply again, moving his large hand down Jayc’s back, slipping past the waistline of his jeans to cup and fondle his ass, his thumb teasing his cheeks. Jayc moaned and lifted his hips up, allowing Matthew to help him remove his pants and underwear in one swift movement.

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