Daddy's Little Sex Slave


I'm 15 years old and I've already had sex about 5271919733737299191 times, I know impossble. I might be exadreating but it feels that meny times. it all started when I was about 9 it was a week after my birth day and I was playing with my new doll house up in my bed room...

when I heard my mom sceam,I just ignord it my mom was probley just screaming because her fav team from the amazing race just got alimanted. i heard stomping up the stiars but thought it was my dad. a man about 23-25 came in to my room he was very tall and i wasent small for my age.
he walked over to me and I wasent scard it was joe my dads like best friend. "hi" he said" your mommy and daddy gave you to me so you can go to a camp during the year and still go to school! "
"yay" I excleamed
"alright pack up everything you own you'll be there for a long time" he said he helped me pack and get everthing in the truck. I sat in the back exitedly clutching my favorite doll, Lillin. we drove for a loooooong time untill we made it to and air port, Calafornia's official airport.

yup I used to live in Calafornia.

he put everything on the little rolly thing and we went to sit where are seats are.

..............:-) .......

I woke up to Joe shaking me. he took my hand and it sent a bad shiver down my spine, I just ignord it. we got our bags and into a pickup truck. he sat in the front beside the driver but I had to sit in the back with the back bumping nousily aganst them.


2 hours later

we finally got out of the truck and into a giant mashion!  it was in a very poulated area with a school pretty dang close...

"JULIANNA! "  I snaped back to reality.

"what? oh sorry, what did you say? " I asked mrs. wilise my lest favorite teacher.

"I asked you what an interger is," she replied shit  I forget what a interger is.

"Um... Negitives and positives? " I geussed hoping because it sounded right.

"good job," she said disaponted, I think she wanted to get me in truble.

RIIIIIINNGG the bell went, YES fredom. I grabed my backpack put my homework in and dashed out the door. I got in my red convirtible and drove home, where I found Daddy sitting on the couch whatching the baseball game. yes Daddy is Joe.

I went over to him and sat on his lap, we kissed on the lips. he started to deeping it slipping his tounge in and exploring all of it. my hands went through his hair . then he pulled away. "go put the outfit on," he said lustfully.

I giggled a girly teenage giggle got up and ran to my room. Daddy tought me that girls can only date/ have sex with there Daddys or chosin Daddys. he was my chosin Daddy that's why I'm here.

I put on my short-short jean skirt that you could see my paintys therw. I put a hot pink thong on and a matching bra, over top of the bra I put on a strapless belly top.

I went to the bathroom and put on extra mascara, lipstick and curled my hair lastly and added some eye liner. I walked out of my room it was a Friday just incase you were wondering.

I flunshed out in my sexyest pose he was already pants less and shirtless. I sat on his lap kissing him again. his hands found my vigiana and started rubing as his tounge was back restaling with my tounge. we pulled away as he pulled my skirt down.he pulled the thong to the side and stuck his tounge in my pussy. he wiggled it around making me feel so good. he then pulled it out and stuck 2 fingers in. I gasped he worked on my sensitive part, making me moan so much. ineeded him in me.

"get in," I said inbetween moans and gasps he just smircked and stuck 2 more fingers in. more and more I needed him in and I knew he was just teasing me. finally after ever he pulled his pants down, slipped a condum on and put his pienus in."fuuuuuck," I moaned he licked my breasts ashe went faster and deeper every time. it felt soooooo goooood.

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