Laughing Jill (Laughing Jack Romance!)


"Jill! Jill.. JILL!"

"Nooo..." I moaned, cuddling my striped pillow.

"I didn't want to do this.."

Suddenly my room filled with sunlight and I threw the covers over my head.

"Joselynn!" I moaned, as the covers were yanked off me. I squinted/glared at my little sister, Joselynn or Josie. "We have to go to school!" She said grabbing my upper arm and trying to drag me out of bed, but she was only 10 and was pretty small. I smirked at her feeble attempts.

"Haha. I'm fat." I laughed. I wasn't fat, I was "curvy" okay, but I didn't exactly look it because of my height, 5'8. My sister let go of my arm and decided to grab my feet instead and drag me out of the bed.

I groaned. "Okay, okay, I'll get up!" I mumbled and swung my feet over the edge of the bed. 

"Good!" My little sister rushed off, already in her black and white uniform. I saw my older sister, Jacklynn or Jackie as I liked to call her, walk towards the bathroom. I instantly sprinted down the hall, once she saw me she started running towards the bathroom.

Now hold it, I know what you might be thinking.. Why the hell are we racing against each other? Well I'l tell you why. Cause I had 2 sisters and there was only one bathroom.. With Josie already clean and crisp, I didn't have to worry about her, but Jackie on the other hand I did. 

"Oh hell no! The bathroom's mine!" I shouted my battle cry and leaped onto Jackie. We wrestled and tumbled and rolled, I finally got off her and raced to the bathroom. I slammed the door behind me and locked it. 

"VICTORY!" I cried out. 

Oh, where are my manners?! My name is Jill, Laughing Jill.



I snickered in class, taking in Jackie's freaky hair. She growled and gritted her teeth at me from across the room. 

She hadn't got to shower this morning, but lucky for me I was clean. Even though Jackie was a Senior I was still in the same class with her, because I was "special" 

Which is just saying I'm extra, extra smart in school. I was the youngest one in this room. Now, you're probably wondering how I got in this school, as well as me and my sisters. The reason we are in this school is because we were meant to be in it.

The A.C.R, or Academy for Circus Rouges was a haven, for.. Insane clowns, demonic acrobats, and Sadist-like Ringmasters. It was esablished in the early 1930's. My family was one of the firsts to come here.

My grandfather, a clown that went mad, had kids and sent them here. They grew a reputation quickly, and then they had kids, and sent them here and the cycle went on. There were a lot more Circus Rogues here than most would think, around 500 in the entire academy. 

Mr. Chucky was in the front of the room, talking, saying God-know's-what. I would have to copy Jackie's notes, later. My mind wandered from place to place during the boring lecture

Finally the bell rang and I jumped. I checked the time and was surprised how fast class went by. I got up and started walking out of class, but before I went into the crowded hall way I heard a daughter of a trapeze artist, Lily, tell her friend, Pinkie, about a new person. I stopped and evesdropped on their converstion, not really caring about the people who bumped past me.

"His name is Laughing Jack. He's suppose to be like.. So cute! His family originated from the Ringling Brothers Circus!" Exclaimed Lily.

"Shut up! Really?! Wow he'll practically be treated like royalty!" 

Finally Lily noticed me listening to their converstation. "May we help you?" asked Lily. I shook my head and exited the classroom soundlessly.

Who's this, Laughing Jack?


Hey, I'm making a new story! Haha! So how do you like it? I didn't even know there was a laughing jill until today, so I hope you like this, new story! I'm already in love with it! So, vote, comment!

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Chapter 1- Who's This, Laughing Jack?

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