The Wolf Inside - Chapter One

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Hey all, this is the very first fan fic I ever wrote and it's been up since 2011, so it's kinda old now lol.

Anyway, for the first part of this fan fic, I have followed pretty close to the main storyline and sort of dropped my OC right in the middle lol. But fear not, I tend to stray away from the main storyline, as that makes it more interesting lol.

Enjoy! ^-^

Pic of Ashley  --->

I drew this pic when I was seventeen, so it's quite awhile ago now lol xP

Third Person's POV

“Lord Hokage!” a tall Ninja, with his black hair pulled up into a spiky ponytail, calls, poking his head through the door. The older male in the room looks up from the work on his desk, a red and white hat half covering his face, before motioning for the other man to enter.

Said Ninja pushes the door open and strides into the room, followed by two of his fellow Shinobi. They both tug on the chains in their hands, pulling something into the room behind them.

“Two of our men found this girl about two miles from the Village” the first Ninja explains, waving a lazy hand towards the girl who had been pulled into the room. The Hokage lifts his head and inspects the girl, raising an eyebrow and puffing away on his pipe.

The girl looked to be about twelve years of age, though she seemed rather short for the average pre-teen. Despite her age, the girl was already quite pretty, with long blonde hair that flowed all the way down her back and smooth, pale skin.

The Hokage pauses when he glances into the girl’s visible eye, with the left one being covered by a veil of blonde hair. It’s an unusual bright fuschia colour, though the Hokage can’t help noting how empty and dull they seem, as if nothing in the world could make them sparkle with happiness.

The silent girl stares back at the unfamiliar old man, her face blank and her arms held straight down in front of her, wrists secured together  tightly by the chains. She leans her weight on one leg and tilts her head slightly to the side, considering tapping her foot to give the old man a hint. She didn’t really feel like standing around all day while he gawked at her.

The Hokage suddenly chuckles quietly, seeing that, despite her bored expression, the young girl was quickly growing impatient. He looks over at the spiky haired Ninja, who is in the middle of yawning.

“Why is this young girl bound in chains Shikaku?” Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Hokage, questions. Shikaku finishes yawning, before he lets out a weary sigh, shoulders drooping.

“I don’t know Lord Hokage” he admits, making the Hokage chuckle again. The girl raises an eyebrow, though remains silent. If he didn’t know why she was here, then why was she here? She hadn’t broken any laws by passing through the Land of Fire.

“Well?” the Hokage asks, his eyes settling on the other two Ninja. They pause, before glancing at each other awkwardly. One of the men shrugs, whilst the other shrugs his shoulders.

“Well Lord Hokage sir” he states slowly. “She was outside the Village and we didn’t know if she was a threat or not, so we just umm, we just uhhh….”

The girl rolls her eyes and lets out a low, bored sigh, earning an annoyed look from the stuttering Ninja. Hiruzen nods slowly, pulling the pipe from his mouth and blowing out a small puff of smoke.

“So, you found a young girl outside the Village” he begins, looking to the two Ninja who are holding the chains. They both nod their confirmation, as the Hokage places his pipe back in his mouth.