Ang Diary ng Panget ( Book 4 )


(A/Nha! Chapter 3 plng XD busy ehhh! sorreeehh. and pasensya dun sa niall part :* )

*Niall's POV

'Oh Pretty name for a Pretty lady like you ' I complimented her. I feel like i can now ask her for her phone number ..

'Thank you niall ' she replied then gives me a sly smile

'ummm.. do you want to eat? '

'Ummm.. sure '

'Where do you want to eat? do you want ice cream? ' I asked her .

'ICE CREAAAAAAMMMM!' She screamed like a 5 year old girl which is pretty cute :)

'let's goooo ' then we went to an ice cream parlor.

*when we are in the counter of the ice cream parlor...

'umm. Eya what flavor do you want? ' i asked looking at her in the eyes.Fuck. she has pretty eyes. if only i can stare at her eyes forever.

'chocolate! two scoops please ' she said with a big grin plastered on her face .. she's so cuuuttttteeee!

'okay :) Two chocolate flavored ice creams and two scoops please' i said to the girl in the counter.

'It'll be Fourty five pesos sir' the girl in the counter said.. i was about to pull my wallet out in my pocket but eya stopped me.

' uh uh . i will pay ' she said pulling a hundred pesos on her wallet. but i stopped her too. haha

'no. i'll pay :) since i'm the one who asked to eat ;) ' i said giving a hundred pesos from my wallet to the girl.

' okayyyyyy, if you insist ;) ' she grinned . oh how i love seeing her grinning!

we sat on a table and waited for our ice creams to come. while waiting....

'ummm. hey eya... umm.. Can I have your n-number?' shoot. why am i stuttering? grrr

'Suuurrreeee:)))) ' so we exchanged numbers then the waiter came holding our ice creams. we thanked him after he gave us our I.C's then eat it ....( a/n pasensya na dun sa I.C's tinamad ako isulat ung buong word ehh XD )

*Eya's POV

pagkatapos namin kumain nung ice cream namin lumabas na kami sa ice cream parlor... habang naglalakad kaming dalawa bigla syang nagtanong sakin..

'ummm.. so are we friends now?' OMG! ang cute nyaaaaaa. waaaaa!

'Yeah. We are.. are we? ' sabi ko haha XD

'Yes. yes we are!' Yey. may bago na akong kaibigan!ansaya ko!di na ulit ako mabobored . XD

'Soooo.. Eya.. d-do you have things to do tomorrow?' tanung nya.. nagisip ako kung meron nga ..ang naisip ko lang na gagawin ko bukas ay ang magsilbi kay cookie monster at.... wala na ! haha . nababaliw na ako .

'ummm... i have work at my masters house tomorrow. but it's only until 3:00pm :) why? ' sabi ko... ng excited.... bakit ako excited?? anu nang nangyayari sakinnnn? waaaaa!

'ohh. do you mind hanging out with me tomorrow after your work?' ayyyyiiiiieeee! kinikilig akoooo! waaaa! ay...! bakit ako kinikiligggg? friends lang kami! friends lang eyaaa!

'sure;)' un na lang sinabi ko haha. gusto ko rin naman mag relax kahit papaano kaya nag yes ako ...

*Niall's POV

Oh My Fucking God ! She said yes! I'm so happy even if were friends only. im just so happy. i dont know whyy?

'Okay :) I'll pick you up tomorrow at 3:30 pm :) see ya!' I'm so excited!

' niall wait! ' she said while grabbing my wrist.

'ummm.. why babe?' Omg. why did i call her babe. what is she doesn't like me when i'm calling her babe? freak. but when I saw her smile and blush it made me happy. sooo happy.maybe i should call her babe more often.. Eya broke my thoughts when she started to wave her hand infront of my face and saying things like ' Earth to Niall' ....

'Oh.. I'm sorry eya.. I was just thinking.. :)'

'It's ok niall :) ' she replied... Why is she so cute and adorable even if she's not trying to? uhhggg.

'soo... why did you call me again?' I asked curious why she called me again.

'ummm.. maybe you don't know the place where I'm working? ' omg. why did I not know that? grrr

'oh.. yeahh.. where is it again? haha '

'Umm.. its #123 EwanKo Street at OMG Village :)' I need to remember that! I dont want to get losssttt..(A/N guyysss! walang ganyang street and village ahh! wala akong maisip ehh XD saka nakalimutan ko ung nilagay ni eya na place dun sa book nya ehh XD sowwyyyy!)

'Okay :) I'll see you tomorrow then !' after that we said our goodbyes to each other...


(A/N okay so guysss... I'll just publish this chapter then write again another chapter today.. kasi ipad gamit ko pero lilipat ako sa cp ko XD haha! byeeeee)

Votes and Comments naman ohh.. Disappointed ako :(

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