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This Summer's Checklist

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 By the way this is a boyxboy story. Don't like, don't read

Oh! picture on the right is of Logan->

Chapter one!

Day one, May 31,

Alright here's the deal, I'm only doing this cuz I lost a bet...okay I didn't lose a bet but my best friend is forcing me to, just kidding this actually sounds fun ( I'm sorry I'm confusing!) . My name is Logan Love, wow I just now realized that my name goes together quite well anyways, today was probably the best day ever reason uno I turned 16, reason two it was last day of school! Yeah that's right I'm now officially out of school for the summer. Suck it.

Okay I got off track for a minute. I gotta tell you the whole reason behind writing this daily thingie thing. Yesterday my teacher was going off 'bout how much he was going to miss us and the he went on about what we wanted to be. I made a bad choice and told him I wanted to be an author, my friend Julian got so excited that I actually planed on doing something when I graduate that she bought me this journal diary thing (Yeah I'm not afraid to call it a dairy!). Back to the point, Julian told me to write in it each day so when I become a 'famous author' I can share my story. So this morning she handed me the neon green book placed in a bright pink flower design paper bag. Being me I couldn't reject the gift, it is my birthday after all. I smiled and thanked her. This gift could be quite useful, throwing it at my cat Mr. Fluff. Heh yeah right, I LOVE MR.FLUFF! And I really do like this whole idea, even though I'll probably never be a famous author. Sigh. Wow now I'm just rambling, I have no clue what to I'll describe the sexiness that is Logan Love.

Unlike the football team I'm not very muscular, good thing I hate football right! I have bright dark blue eyes, and kinda reddish brown straight hair, it gets in my face a lot I guess I need a haircut...Nah.... I'm not super tan...I think I was born with something that won't let me get tan. One day a few years ago I stayed outside all day long with no shirt on, instead of a tan I got a horrible sun burn, I couldn't sleep for a week. I'm 5'8, yeah... I know I'm kinda short for my age, well at my school I am, but I don't care. A lot of guys at me call me a girl, and to be honest I don't think it's because I'm gay....wait...did I leave that out!? Well now you know!

Well now that the whole physical describing is done I'm now gonna talk about my interests. *COUGH* writing...the end, that's it.....I'm a sad, sad boy. I don't play sports, that's a lie I play soccer sometimes....sometimes, Don't have many close friends, and I pretty much suck at everything else, so yeah go me!

Hum what should I write now...fine I'll be a good boy and write what Julian told me to do. Today was awesome; all we did was party at school. Me and Jamie (my best friend) were hanging out doing nothing all day, I even fell asleep in science class! Mr. Dawn is like the strictest teacher ever, but today he was all 'I really don't care what you long as it's not illegal or harmful' so that's pretty much how the day went, I'm trying to remember if anything weird happened...ah now I remember, Tracy, aka my obsessive stalker, finally decided that I was all hers (again) even though the whole school know I'm gay, hell yes I told everyone! Heh, it was really fun too! I just ran up and down the halls screaming it, luckily people were pretty open minded so I never got bullied, although there were a few older guys who were pretty mean to me... So back to Tracy, the girl has been obsessing over me since middle school, it's a really long imma tell it. Back in seventh grade I was still pretty confused about myself so I decided to cover it up er whatever. Tracy was very easy but the sad thing was that no one wanted her so I got her. We dated the whole year and that summer I finally 'came out'. Tracy went a little crazy (not that she wasn't before...) she denied the fact that I broke up with her and got all protective and scary and such. Now a days she's sorta better (if you count stalking me better) but at least she knows that were not dating. So back to today, I was getting a drink from the water fountain and suddenly this creepy ass voice comes up behind me.

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Chapter One


Christopher Drewas Logan
Alex Pettyferas Jamie
Taylor Swiftas Callie
Jennifer Anistonas Elizabeth (Logan's mom)
James Dentonas David (Logan's dad)
Alex Evansas Ezekiel
Ariana Grande as Lannie
Vanessa Hudgensas Tracy
Max Davisas Trevor

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