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Death, Reincarnation and Resurrection - #1 Shadow Walkers (Sample)

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                                                  Reincarnation and Resurrection.

                                                                                                                                              By Elizabeth Maiba


Chapter 1: The Move In


The music beats of RupPaul song, Supermodel echoed on the hall matching with the models pass who worked on the runway, showing the new Spring/Summer collection of DIVINE —one of the biggest companies of Fashion— designed by their newest employee, Nicole Melo.

Nicole was in the backstage all flustered, behind the scenes organizing the parade, putting the finishing touches on her models that came in and out off scene in a flash; she was nervous and tired, not for less, in just two weeks her life flip 360.

On a normal Monday morning she was in her office working when the phone rang,

“Good morning, Ms. Nicole Melo?” Asked a woman from the other side of the line with a funny and elegant accent.

“Yes?” She replied confused.

“This is Ms. Carmen Gates, representative of the DIVINE in Romania. I'm calling because our company has a proposal to make.” Her heart stopped for a brief second. DIVINE! The DIVINE she knew?! This could only be a dream.

“I'm all ears.” She articulated after she overcame the surprise.

From that moment her life took another direction, she accepted the offer to work for DIVINE without blinking. It was a unique opportunity and she was not stupid to overlook, DIVINE was a reputable brand in the fashion world, the dream of many designers was working there.

How could she deny it?

The only thing that bothered her was the fact that it had to be in Romania, Romania? She knew nothing about Romania than it was there where the legendary Dracula ruled. But nothing held her in New York, her ex boyfriend Rico was history with no return, her styling career was just beginning and she was a young dreamer, with an adventurous spirit and claws.

With only 25 years, just graduated from Fashion, certainly wouldn’t deny such a chance.

In less than a week her move was arranged with the company help and she went to Romania, her new home. Where she was putting all her faith that things would begin to shine.

Today was her first, her ascension. Her glory night and the chance she been yearning for. The parade had ended and it was now the stylish turn to get up on the stage and make the public know who had created the masterpiece that they appreciated tonight.

Nervously she gave the finishing touches in the mirror made for stars with lights everywhere, fixing her long mid back curly dark brown shiny hair reinforcing the folds that pinned it up.

Applied once again the slight make-up based on orange brown shades to match her golden dark chocolate skin and smoothed her black satin dress looking at the mirror.

Smiled to herself, show time.

She entered the stage while the elegant melodic voice over the loudspeaker was announcing her to the public, “Ladies and gentlemen, Nicole Melo.”

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