All About Love

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Its been a few weeks and Justin and selena got a divorce and zendaya and Justin are still together Justin has full custody of Drew but still sees selena here and there Selena is trying to forgive zendaya still it's hard times now

"Hey Justin can you give me something to drink?" zendaya said flopping on the bed "Yeah babe what do you want?" Justin said licking his lips "water please" Justin went to kitchen and got zendaya some water "here" Justin said handing her the glass "thanks" zendaya said taking a sip "ew is this from the sink?" she said spitting it out"uhm yeah..? why?" "I hate it from there you know that" she said angrily "well maybe.." never mind he started to say "well maybe what?" "nothing i said -" "yeah yeah" she interrupted "you said never mind but what were you going to say? Justin looked at her with anger in his eyes "look.. I said never mind I never mind because didn't want to start shit with you right now" Zendaya turned and looked at him "what the fuck is your problem?" "Oh my fucking god..." Justin said getting up going into the living room and sat on the couch "Justin" zendaya said coming into the living room "I asked you a question" "and I said I didn't want to start anything so bounce" he smirked "oh" zendaya said sitting on the couch "ohh" Justin said "but what were you going to say?" "ugh I was going to say well maybe you should've got your lazy ass up and got your own damn water" he said looking at her happily " oh" she said and walked off "where are you going miss?" He said following her "I'm gonna make dinner what do you want"? "pizza" he said pinning her against the wall. zendaya chuckled "order or you want me to fix it?" "whatever's quicker" he said and kissed her on her neck "hmm I'll just cook it myself" she smiled and moved away from him "pizza!!" drew screamed with joy "yeah that's right, hopefully she doesn't burn it" Haha" zendaya laughed sarcastically "then how bout you do it yourself?" "pfft" Justin scoffed "I don't really feel like it" "then if I burn it jokes on you" zendaya said "well... order" Justin said "no home cook food is better for your tummies" she said running drew's stomach "whatever" Justin said

15min later

"its done!" zendaya yelled from the kitchen "yay!" drew screamed running into the kitchen "hey! no running in the kitchen" Justin said following him "what are you a running police" zendaya said laughing "funny, but corny" "mhm whatever you guys eat up and imma shower and go to bed and then its your time drew" "NO BATHS" drew yelled "would you rather smell like garbage?" Justin said cutting up the pizza "yes" drew said with a mouth full. Justin chuckled "to bad hurry up" drew finished up eating and took a bath then went to bed "wow this has been a long day" Justin said getting into bed "yeah I know" she said getting into bed with him "well good night" "good night baby" Justin said and kissed her softly on her cheek.

Wale I know it ain't that good but I got lazy lmao if you read please vote also and share your thoughts :*