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Hidden Truth

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Hi Everyone!

This is one of my stories that I wrote before I found out about Wattpad! I hope you like it!

P.S. Also check out the lovely cover that Soumii made! :)

Nessa xx


I rolled my eyes before throwing the book on my hand, watching it lands on my bedroom floor with a thud. It was the third book I read today about our kind and it was full of B.S. which I ended up laughing my head off and I rarely laugh anymore.

In all three books they mention that werewolves were always good looking and oh how much I wish that was true.

After all I am werewolf and I trust me I have no luck in the looks department. The fact that my older brother and sister were the lucky one makes everything worse for me and because of my looks. I’m in the bottom of the social ladder in school and in the pack. While my brother and sister is on top.

What’s more cliché was the signs when someone finds their mate. The feeling of being suck into some kind of world where no one else exist but them, they were absolute bull.

They did get some things right about our kind. Like we can feel this kind of a pull towards our mate, we can communicate through mind link in human or wolf form, we can shift to a wolf and our wolf is bigger than normal wolfs and also but not least we have to be mark by our mate to claim us as theirs. Also we don’t need a particular age to be able to shift. The truth is as long our body feels ready we can shift and there’s no pain at all. It all happens in mere seconds that all we feel are slight numbness and the next thing we know we are standing with four paw.

I got up off the bed with a heavy sigh and stood in front of the mirror. A girl with curly long jet black hair with baby blue eyes stared straight at me. She have straight nose but not pointy or big but it was kind of small like a button with small pinkish-red pout-like lips and sun-kissed tan skin.

I raise my right hand and the girl did the same thing. I clench my hand into a fist and the girl with chubby finger did the same. I sigh and let my hand drop to my side as I look at my chubby self one more time.

I sigh dejectedly and dragged myself to my wardrobe to get changed for the pack meeting. Ever since I turned sixteen a month ago, I automatically have the responsibility to show myself in every pack meeting as it was a tradition in our pack.

I pulled my baggy jeans on, a black long sleeve top with turtle neck and my favourite lavender cardigan before grabbing my black converse.

Walking back in front of my mirror, I grab my hair brush from my dressing table and brush my hair up before tying it up into a high ponytail letting my curls flow pass my shoulder.

“Hurry up Lou! Or will be late!” My older sister, Kathleen shouts at the bottom of the stairs, using my nickname. I sigh and run down the stairs. “God, why do you take so long to get ready when we both know you won’t look any better?”

She checks me from head to toe and made a disgusted look while her twin and my older brother Kennedy or what he likes to be called Ken stood next to his car, laughing.

I look at both of my older sibling and mentally rolled my eyes. The both of them were in fact what the humans describe as good looking werewolf.

I was pulled out of my thought as Kathleen moved. She made her way to the passenger side of Ken’s car and I followed behind her, sitting at the backseat like I normally do.

The trip to the pack house was at least an hour drive from where we live. I, of course wasted an hour of my life listening to my older sibling’s insults.

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