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The golden eye

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I woke up all sweaty again, but this time it wasn't because of one of those scary bizarre dreams. I woke up because of my father yelling. I heard no other voices with him in the living room so I knew he was on the phone with someone.


“You have to take her! It’s too dangerous here Loraine and you know it." Dad sighed so loud that I was able to hear it from the second floor.


"The gang is back and this time not for the money but to kill" that was last thing I heard before a door was opened then shut what on earth was that?


Sleep was taking over so I let my self fall in a dreamless sleep.




"Sky… sky wake up or I Will spill water all over you” I opened one eye to look into who ever was asking for there death wishes and ladies and gentlemen, it was no one other then my stupid older brother that I haven't seen for the past 8 years


"Holly shit jay jay is that you " well as you can see me and my brother have a thing with repeating nick names twice.


"I missed you so much is mom here to" I got up and gave him a bone crushing hug


“ya about that you see mom didn't want to come well I mean she had something  else " just as the words left his mouth he looked  at me then looked away then looked away then spoke  


“So she didn’t want to see me” I whispered feeling tears in my eyes who doesn’t want to see there own daughter harsh much.


"Not like that she couldn't make it here because she had a son who just turned 5 months and the trip is to long” he gave me worried look


“Are you okay sky”


"I am fine” I said it with a cold voice looking away anywhere but my brother


“Are you sure you’re okay because you look a little off.”


I looked in the mirror my brown hair was a mess, and my green eyes were swollen and red my face were so red that I looked like a hot tomato I looked away from the mirror and faced my brother again.




“So what brings you here after 8 years I mean I think it was 8 years “


He looked down then sighed heavily “you need to grab your stuff your moving with us in New York" he looked up and gave me a small smile that said please don’t complain


"ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE I WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE WITH YOU OR LIVE WITH THAT LADY YOU CALL A MOTHER "  I screamed so loud  that I hoped dad didn't hear it  but no he sadly did and opened the door so quick that it didn't look human could have done that and looked all around the room then spotted me then spotted jay then his face softens


“Skyla I know you have your friends here and all but this is very important and I can’t let you stay here so please pack your things you got 5 hours until the plane arrives “he came over and gave me his famous daddy hug


right after he left the room I felt tears flood my eyes I felt jay heading my direction but I stopped him before he made a move "just please get o-out" he sighed then looked at me “ sky its for your own good”


 I heard the door open then close I ran to my bathroom then locked the door and broke down  crying. How could they do this to me? After all my hard work and friendship I am leaving that all behind I felt like a coward I couldn’t stand up to my dad and tell I wanted to stay


I spent 15 min crying my heart out then my eye lids started to shut


I felt a knock then the voice of my best friend I slowly made my way up and unlocked the door I must have been here for a while.


"Oh my god sky I am going to miss you so much” then she did something that I was not expecting not ever her next words made me burst out of laughing and crying at the same time.


" you brother is so mage hot sky" then she looked at me with a small smile then hugged me so tightly  I could feel that she was holding in tears  trying to  appear strong.


after 1 hour of packing we were ready to head out I said  my good byes and now I am in the air port waiting for the plane to  arrive,  oh   never mind its here I got up and grabbed my suit case and passport and headed out after my brother.

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