The golden eye

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I woke up all sweaty again, but this time it wasn't because of one of those scary bizarre dreams. I woke up because of my father yelling i looked on the clock next to the bed side it was 3:00am.  he was on the phone with someone.


“loraine  take her! It’s too dangerous here Loraine ." Dad sighed so loud that I was able to hear it from the second floor.


"The gang is back and this time not for the money but for her " that was last thing I heard before a door was opened then shut what on earth was that?


Sleep was taking over so I let my self fall in a dreamless sleep.

with one question in mind who was her and who wanted her?



''your gona hear me roarrrrrrrr''

my epic attempt to close the radio failed as it resulted with the radio on the floor

trying to feel where the radio landed i came across a soft surface.a note

the problem wasn't the note it was what was written in the note:

dear sky

i am sorry but i wont be here today but i need you to listen to every word i say you need to pack all your things. there will be someone here at 6:00pm sharp he will take you to the airport from there you  will be given a ticket to fly to your mom in new York i am sorry sky but its the best i can do we will meet again love.


one tear fell then another then a waterfall i new something was up something that no one had any control of so i did the best thing i thought of i looked at the clock its already 12:00pm then started to pack

after 5 hours of packing i was  ready to head out I said  and now I am in the air port waiting for the plane to  arrive,  oh   never mind  its here I  grabbed my suit case and passport and headed out after my hot body guard jk he was my excourt and he was old.




After 14 hour trip  here I am in new York in a limo to meet my mother and live the dream of my life jk this was bloody hell of a trip.

I had to sit next an old man on the plane who looked to be a 90 year old    who kept asking me where the food is and where things were like I don’t know its not like i been here before, but that was not it he was snoring so loud that people were giving me glares and telling me to " wake up your dad" or " wake him up" like seriously  he is not my dad and my dad dose not have green hair.


My head came forward snapping me out of my wonderful thoughts about the man with the green hair  and I hit the front of the seat hard  “ow what the hell “


When I glanced out the window I couldn’t believe my eyes the place was a disaster, there were two cars smashed together next to a building that was on fire and people were screaming and running all around us the worst part is i didn't even notice it all , but what caught my attention and stood out like an ocean in the middle a desert  was the guy standing right in front of the car naked staring right at me with the deadliest look on his face his eyes were pitch black  and his hair was in messy look when I looked right at his eyes i felt a boost of energy, my heart stopped beating, I couldn’t breath, then I blacked out.





















































 sorry its short


 hey guys i hope you liked this chapter this is my first book so can you tell me what you think and stuff thanks!

- sara



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