The Fated (Doctor Who)



Welcome back, guys (and hello to new readers, too)!

I've finally gotten around to writing a new Doctor Who fan-fiction! It isn't in any way related to Who She Was, and I'd like to think that I've improved quite a bit since that story. 

I should point out that this story is also Doctor/OC, and... incredibly fluffy. I really like fluff. 

I'm not quite sure how often I'll be updating. I've decided on four chapters per episode, mainly because I tend to add a lot of stuff in and doing whole chapters again might mean month-long waiting times for you. School has been really hard on me, and I've had to focus on some other personal things as well recently, so I haven't thought about writing a lot. But I wanted to get this going again. 

Erm, yeah. Without further ado, I suppose, I present to you:

The Fated!

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