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His Guardian Angel // Harry Styles

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Author's Note: ONE THOUSAND READS!?!?!?!?!?!??! I logged online and went under my profile to see ONE. THOUSAND. READS. You people are beyond amazing, I'm beyond happy. You marvelous humans (Or at least I hope you're all human, I really don't know) have made my night. Thank you so so much. I wasn't going to update until tomorrow, but you people deserve an update now, espically since it's kinda short.

There's another author's note at the end, but its not really that important. Read it or ignore it, I don't really care (Unless your name is KayLynn (sweetkaylynn), then READ IT PLEASE).

Love you beautiful people!!!!!

-Valerie xxxxx


"Do you honestly think this was how I wanted to spend my eternity? This was not my idea, Renae...I just..." My eyes began to sting as I blinked away the tears I didn't even know I had left. "I just wish it could be normal. Go back, spend my life with him...Make him remember." There was a long silence.

"What if..." She trailed off.

"What if what?" I asked. She took a deep breath.

"What if I told you I could help make that happen?"


Renae's P.O.V.

Angie looked at me like I grew another head, her eyes wide.

"That's impossible." She finally responded. I shook my head.

"No it's not. If one angel has been in the kingdom for a century or longer, they have the power to turn another angel mortal. I've been here for a century last week." I explained. I had been one of those angels that went longer than usual without a mission.

"You...You would do that? For me?" She asked, clearly shocked.

"Angie, you're my best friend. Of course I would." She smiled brightly, wrapping her arms around me. But pulled away soon after.

"How do I make him remember?" She asked.

"That, my friend, is up to you. But knowing you," I smiled sincerely. "I believe you'll find a way." She hugged me again.

"Thank you," She whispered. "Thank you so much."


"The process is very strange." I warned. Angie shrugged.

We stood on a cliff overlooking crashing waves. I'm not sure where we were exactly, but we needed to be high up for this to work.

I took a deep breath, gathering as much energy as I possibly could. I would need it. I stood in front of her and spoke.

"On the earth her true love waits. But she must first exit eternal gates," I pulled a sharp object out of my pocket and took her hand, palm up. She looked at me worriedly, but I simply nodded. If I spoke, I would have to start again.

She flinched as I quickly sliced a cut on her palm and a bright, golden liquid flowed from the open wound.

"An angel bleeds in pure gold. It keeps them from getting old. But now," I breathed. "Things will change. To become mortal, she must leave this place."

I grabbed the chain of my neaklace and wrapped her bleeding hand around the charm.

"And as her blood turns from gold to red, she is still safe with nothing to dread."

Angie watched in awe as her blood turned red at my words.

"And as the wound begins to seal, its happiness, sadness, fear she may feel. But the winds that blow will lead her below and there is nothing to fear." My voice began to shake as I felt my energy draining, and even though a sadness came over me at my best friend's departure, I knew I had to finish. This is what she wanted.

"Her time as an angel has come to an end, and her life as a mortal will now begin."

The wound on Angie's palm glowed gold, the gold turning to red before it died down, the bleeding stopped. The wound slowly faded. She stretched her hand, staring at it, then looked back at me, eyes wide.

"She is no longer Angel 2194. She will be mortal as she once was before." There was a pause.

"Is that it?" She asked. I nodded slowly.

"Good luck, Angie," With those final words, a furious wind began to blow, and in a matter of seconds, she was gone.

Even though I was sad my best friend had left, deep inside I knew I had done the right thing. She would be happy now.


Angie's P.O.V.

I sat up on the ground and immeaditly, I became dizzy and I lifted my hand to my pounding head. At least I know it worked.

Wait a second...

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