A Vampire's Slave Chapter 1

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Hey this is kinda boring for a little but gets better as i continue to write. I am going to write every version of a vampire story and put it out there in my way so enjoy and read the end even if u dont like this.



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Most stories either have the person kidnapped or running away or never given any free will.

Rayne doesn't abuse me, or rape me or anything he respects me. Well that is what I can say about him, to say the least. Even when he is in one of his little rants he never hits me, he has control. He drinks my blood, I serve him. I chose him over my parents five years ago. He saved me and I owed him my life.

I am human; he is a vampire. He was married up until a year ago. Well that is what he told me. Don't get me wrong, he is nothing more than my master, but his wife had left him forever. When a vampire leaves another, they never return. Vampires are nothing like humans. They think a decision through before deciding.

When I first came he was always up in his room. After a time I could convince him to go outside in the pool to exercise or cool down.

I had to practically raise him again, teaching him how to cope and do basic things. After SHE left he never did anything. Now, he is totally in control of his life well some aspects of it. He started dating again, socializing and everything I am so happy for him. He has promised me he won't get married again till I say it is ok.

Though I say that he is only my master I have more feelings than I should have towards him. Honestly if he didn't feel the thing growing between me and him he never would. I grown to accept that I he could never truly love me no matter what. He is the prince and I am his slave.

A Vampire's Slave Chapter 1

"KARMA!!!" Rayne shouted he wanted me I sighed.

I got up from my vanity and put my long mahogany colored hair into a high ponytail. I straightened my red cotton tee and white shorts, Rayne chose this. He didn't believe in the traditional uniforms of black and white. He instead decided to choose my outfits and hung them in the closet with days and accessories. NO he is not gay just fashion conscious. I pulled on the black converse like ballet flats and ran to his study, I was there in seconds; I am quite fast for a human. "Yes Rayne do you need something?" I asked as I entered.

"Yes," he stopped and looked over me, "I am thirsty."

I sighed and walked over to him, he was sitting on the leather sofa. I sat down on his lap; he decided it was better for him and me. I never knew why but let him be. I pinned my ponytail into a bun and turned my neck. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain and then pleasure. I always found moaning to be inappropriate while doing this, so I held it in. He didn't seem to think so, I rolled my eyes mentally and he chuckled. When he drank my blood we were connected mentally. He always found this interesting no matter what. I could feel his fangs retract and his tongue roll over my little cuts they healed instantly.

"Anything else?" I questioned getting up and straightening up myself. I started going around the room cleaning up here and there it was a habit because this is what I did.

"Yes, get my Jane Eyre please," he looked at the fire, "as well as those papers on my desk and my phone."

"Yes Rayne," I walked over to the shelf and got him his book then over to this desk to get his paper and phone. I spotted a black box, I swiftly opened it and it revealed a wedding band, I quickly shut and ignored it. I liked the lady he was currently dating; I hoped she would say yes. If he was getting married or planning to he would tell me, I would hope. I gave him the papers, his phone and left. I had to go prepare his dinner along with his bathe and clothes. I check what he wanted before I left his room. He said he wanted Indian, the chef had made it and left it with a note saying the only thing left was rice. I put on the rice and went to Rayne's room.