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What I love About You Christopher Drew fan fiction


I wake up to  a knocking at the door.I open it to see the girl standing there.She walks in and says"Nice place.Anyway get dressed for a Council meeting."I reply"What meeting?" "You'll find out soon."She replies.She lays down on the couch and pulls out a ice cream sandwich out of her purse."Why do you ahve an ice cream sandwich in your purse?"I ask."who wouldn't"she replies."everybody except you."I say."Just get dressed."She says.I go up stairs and get dressed.I come back down and there are about twenty or more people there.A girl walks up to me and says"Hey so your new and so um..what did your parents do to you?''Huh repeat."Nothing."I reply."WHAT!Beth how could you let an outsider in!"She practicly screams."He knows my secret,Cathy."She says.Cathy sighs and says"Oh all right."She plops down on the couch and Beth takes out pudding and dish soap.Huh.Then she takes out sqirt guns.Oh no.She gets a bowl and mixes them together.Then she puts it in a sqirt gun.She passes them around and then she yells"Outside!"We all go outside and we fool around sqirting each other wit dish soap and pudding.I know it sounds really weird but it was soo much fun.At the end I finally realized Beth was sleeping on the sidewalk.Some guys picks her up and takes her in the house.I just shrugged and we refilled the sqirt guns.Then after a while I realized that It got dark we packed up and they left.I washed off and I was going to turn the light out to sleep when I see a sleeping Beth on the couch.What the heck is she still doing here?I call her friend Laney and I say"What is Beth doing here?"She replies"Wellidon'treallyknowbuttakecareofherforthenightBye!"Then she hangs up.I sigh and I put a blanket on her and I go up to bed.


When I wake up I see Chris in the kitchen and I accidently flipped over the couch and he yells"What are you doing!?!"I smile and i unsuccessfully get from under the couch.he sighs and gets me from under the couch."Thanks so bye!"I say.Then I bolt.I just slept over his house.Crap.Not good.Now he will have something to blackmail me with.I don't want anybody to know that happened.I open the door to the house and I practicly scream at Laney"Why didn't you take me home!?!" "We didn't want to wake you up."she said.That was a lie.Ugh.I get dressed in new clothes and I take out a poptart.I flop down on the couch and I turn on the tv.Adventure Time was on so I spent like an hour watching it."Council meeting at Chris's house."I say.We driv over to his house and people are already there.We walk in and I say"Time for intro's."


We all sit in a wide circle and i started nd then the rest went on until Beth was the last one.She said"My name is Beth.I wasn't given that name.My parents never named me so i chose that name.My age is somewhere between 16-19.I don't know my birthday.When I met Chris 5 years ago I snapped and ran.He conforted me and Thats why I made the council."Then she sits back down.Then she puts on a smile and says"hey now this time we are going to fill water ballons up with a mixture of cornstarch and water!Then have a fight!"We fill them up and then we go outside and by the time we finish we were soakedd and covered in the mixture.Then they all left and she was found sleeping on my couch again.After everyone left.I just put a blanket on her and I wash off and then I go to bed.


I wake up and I was at his house again.I get up and go home again.I walk in and I get dressed and then I get a bunch a sqirt guns and fill them with water.Today were going to the pool.I pick out a blue bikini and a bathing suit cover.I text everyone to meet me at the pool."Pool today,Laney."I say and then we both get dressed.I slip on my bathingsuit cover and then I pack up the sqirt guns and then we got to the pool.I put my hair in a ponytail and then we go inside.We meet at a table and then I say"Our mission to day is to have fun!"I pass out the sqirt guns and I take off my bathingsuit cover.I jump in the pool and I sqirt Chris and then at lunch time we all eat.I'm the last one to return to the table and I sit down beside him .Yes it was the only seat left.I start eating my nachos when I look over and I see he has fries.I take one and I dunk it in my cheese from the nachos.He noticed what I did and I say"here have  a nacho to make up for a fry."I dunk a chip in cheese and I put it on his plate.

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