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Spin the Bottle



Chapter 5: Spin the Bottle

When we hopped out of the truck, the music was so loud that I felt like I was in the front row of a Lady Gaga concert.  I winced as the base blared and put my hands over my ears while Miles came around the front of his truck. 

“It’s so loud!” I complained.

“You’ll get used to it!”


Miles chuckled and flashed me a smile.  “I said you’ll get used to it!” he yelled again over the music.  “Come on!” 

He slipped an arm beneath mine and led me towards the party.  If it weren’t for him, I don’t think that I would have been able to put one foot in front of the other. 

I was nervous as hell.  My heart was pounding so hard against my chest that I was afraid Miles would be able to hear it – then again, who the hell could hear anything right now?    

There was a cool breeze that sent ripples across the lake and a chill up the back of my neck.  I had gotten so caught up earlier in trying to sneak out of the house without mom suspecting anything that I had managed to forget a sweater.  My shoulders stiffened and my teeth began to chatter a bit.

Miles must have noticed that I was getting cold. 

“Hang on a sec, Rach,” he said, tugging on the back of my dress. 

He jogged back to his truck, opened the door, and grabbed his bomber jacket off the front seat.  It was his favorite – dark brown leather and classically old-fashioned.  Even though it didn’t really go with my dress, I thought it was sweet that he would even offer it up.  It was well over two hundred dollars and he was usually very particular about it.  Miles made his way back over to where I was standing and covered me.    

“Thank you.”

 I attempted to wrap it a little tighter around my core, but my hands were shaking from all of the nervous energy, making it difficult to grip. 

“Let me help you,” Miles suggested.  He grabbed the edges of the jacket and tugged them closer together, but his hand just barely grazed my chest in the process.   

“Whoops!” he chuckled, a big grin coming over his face. 

“Seriousl?” I complained, putting my hand over my hip.   “Cheap feel…”

He suggestively smirked back at me. 

“Honest mistake.”

Yeah right. 


The walk from the parking lot to the bonfire felt like walking the plank to an open sea with shark infested waters.  I tried to stall as long as I could before Miles finally got tired of me dragging my heels.  He eventually resorted to scooping me up and throwing me over his shoulder like a ragdoll. 

The party scene was about as wild and crazy as Miles had described.  I was completely overwhelmed.  And as much as he had tried to prepare me for some of the things that I would see and experience tonight, it wasn’t enough.   This was a whole new world to me. 

I saw a keg for the first time in my life – and a girl flipped upside down doing a “keg stand”.  If it weren’t for Miles, I would have had no idea what the hell that was and probably would have assumed that she was trying to do some sort of weird gymnastics move. 

The football players were huddled around a picnic table playing beer pong, surrounded by some girls in skirts that were scandalously short. 

The stoners were blazing up behind some pine trees, trying to be inconspicuous with whatever the hell they were smoking.  It looked like cigarettes, but Miles confirmed that they were definitely not cigarettes.

The cheerleaders were white girl wasted and puking in the bushes by the lake, while some soccer players opted to upchuck in garbage cans near the bathrooms.   

And the goths decided to go skinny dipping, taking turns jumping off the dock and into the water, which was probably colder than they realized – but they were too drunk to notice. 

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Lucy Haleas Rachel
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