Scream For Me (Removing on 11/30/14)



Among other things, the title will be reverted BACK to Scream for Me, which is what it originally was. ALSO, I am going to be unveiling the cover for Publishing AND removing EVERYTHING after chapter three SO I suggest you read this unedited version while it is still available! Once I have finished editing, I will upload the shiny new edited chapters when I remove the content from the rest.


- Kim


The girl screamed, terror showing in those beautiful baby blues. He smiled. He loved the way her emotions ran so raw, so undefined by society. Fear was the original emotion. It kicked in that survival instinct that dated back to the original humans. However, as things evolved, humans got more creative in their ways of killing. And he was good at killing, Master of Life and Death. He reveled in the fact that he had total control of her life.

Blood ran down her face from a gash in her forehead, into her mouth. He leaned in and licked the side of her face. She may have tried to turn her head, but he knew she loved every second of his attention. God, she was stunning in this light. It didn't matter how much blood there was, that made her all the sweeter.

Women were, in his own masterful eyes, more elegant than men. Pain for them was already part of who they naturally were as the child-bearers. While men were strong with testosterone, women were naturally tougher.... And testosterone would not help in the situations he created. He was experienced with what sort of people would do what - that played one of the largest duties in selecting someone. No, he wasn't crazy; he simply knew what he wanted.

She mumbled something; he couldn't quite hear it. It didn't matter. Most people tried to plead with him for their lives, and that put him in a bad temper. There were so many other interesting conversations they could be having instead of trying to barter for their life. He never let anyone go. He couldn't trust any of them not to tell, no matter how much he sometimes wanted to. He knew they were interesting people and that was why he had chosen them. But they would never understand, so he had to kill them. It was the only way, really.

"You know, I chose you because I saw instinctively that you were brave. And you have been very brave up until now. All I ask for now is that you stay with me just a little while longer, Princess."

The girl whimpered.

"Very good, my dear. I have a lot more in store for you than this. Now, scream for me!"

Her eyes grew wider and she screamed again as he reached for his knife....

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