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Faded Past<<H.S.


I was awoken by a flight attendant telling me the plane landed. Why do I have to move? I was in the middle of a very wonderful dream of me dancing on a unicorn. Don't judge. Anywhore, I grabbed my carry-on off of the rack and climbed off the plane. I collected my things from the baggage claim before loading them on a cart and heading for the area where I was supposed to be getting picked up. I quickly found a tall man holding my sign. I walked over to him and introduced myself. 

"Hi. My name is Leah Thomas." I said, sticking my hand out for him to shake. "Hello Leah. My name is Paul Higgins. I will be taking you to meet the act you will be touring with. Follow me." he replied, shaking my hand and leading me to a black Range Rover. I helped him load my things in the back, with much protest from him, and we both jumped in the front seats.  

"Leah, it was very kind of you to help me, but you really didn't have to." Paul said as we pulled out of the parking lot. "No Paul. I was raised to take care of my own things. I packed it, so therefore I have to load and unload it." I explained. I was always raised on good morals. "Wow. Most teenagers would just sit in the car and be lazy. I'm impressed." he chuckled. "Now, where are you from again?" he asked. "Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. But, I lived in Nashville for the past 3 years with my best friend. He is a country singer." I said proudly. I always get so happy when I talk about Hunter's accomplishments. "Ah, yes. I remember hearing about that. Now, I'm hearing a slight English accent. Care to explain?""Moved from Holmes Chapel when I was 14." Ah. Well, we're here." He said as we pulled up to a beautiful house. (picture at top) I stepped out and immediately ran to the back to get my stuff. I heard Paul chuckle from behind me as I grabbed 5 out of my 9 bags. We brought our bags into the foyer and Paul shouted "BOYS!" Great. I'll be stuck on a bus for nine months with men. 5 guys shouted back "LIVING ROOM!" 

I followed Paul into the living room, where I saw them playing Left for Dead. Only my favorite game ever. They paused their game and looked up at me, smiling. My sunglasses were sitting on top of my head and I was in the same outfit from the flight. I waved and they all introduced themselves. "Niall." said one with blonde hair and an Irish? accent, as he pulled me into a big hug. He gives good hugs. "Harry." a curly haired one said, also hugging me. He seemed oddly famili-OH MY GOBSTOPPERS. SUPER DOUCHE IS HUGGING ME. He pulled away and a darker skinned one said "Zayn." He also hugged me. Next was another with chocolate brown eyes. "Liam." he said, wrapping his arms around my small figure. Lastly, one with piercing blue-grey eyes hugged me and leaned into my ear. "LOUIS THE TOMMO TOMLINSON AT YOUR SERVICE!" he screeched before flinging me over his shoulder and running in circles. "PUT ME DOWN OR I STEAL ALL OF YOUR CARROTS!" I shouted. He immediately dropped me on the couch. "How in hell did you know I love carrots?" he asked, bending over me. "I didn't. My best friend loves them so I always say that and it immediately slipped." I shrugged. He seemed satisfied with that as he walked away. I quickly jumped on his back like this. "To my room, peasant!" I shouted. He jogged me upstairs to my room. "You're friend Hunter told us you don't like much girly things, so we had our stylist decorate it." Louis said, leaning against the doorway. I saw 2 doors on the back wall. Louis left after the boys brought my bags up, and I looked behind the doors. One was a walk-in closet and the other was an en-suite bathroom. I could definitely get used to this. I unpacked about 2 suitcases of stuff, putting some pictures along the extra space on the desk and putting my laptop in its own space. (me and hunter on the railroad tracks hunter teaching me to play guitar me and hunter with mustaches my sister) I also unpacked my clothes before lying on my new, comfortable bed. All of my blankets and stuff were left back home, except my pictures and my guitar. I pulled my phone out of my pocket laughing at my screensaver. Hunter and I were cliff diving while my sister took pictures from a boat so we did this. Love it. I quickly remembered that I was supposed to call Hunter, so I quickly punched his number into the dial pad. 

"Leah! My main squeeze!" I heard after about two rings. "Pretty good." I replied chuckling at my best friend's stupidity. "So who ya touring with?" he asked using his preppy bitch voice. "Ummm...One Direction." I said quietly, hoping he wouldn't go crazy because I was in the same house as Harry. Hunter once told me that if he ever saw Harry, he would "cut the bitch's balls off, put them in a blender, and make him drink that nasty ass mother fucking smoothie." Yeah. "WHAT! AW HELL NO! THAT'S IT! I'M COMING TO ENGLAND." I heard from his end of the line. "Hunt, calm down. He doesn't even recognize me. The douche doesn't even recognize the person he tortured for two years. I'll be alright. Now, I gotta go get some food. Leave me to go indulge." I said, trying not to laugh. "That bitch. And kk. I WUVS YEW!""I WUVS YEW TOO!" I laughed, hanging up. I looked up to see none other than Niall Horan standing in my doorway looking at me with a very confused look on his face. "My best friend Hunter." I explained. He laughed, sitting down beside me. "Now, who's this douche that tortured you for two years?" he asked, concern filling his features. "Can I trust you?" I asked him. He seemed like a pretty trustworthy person. He nodded. So, I told him the whole story.

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Chapter 2


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