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Dominantly Husband (On Hold) (Written By Ummah Zia)


you know how every girl dream of perfect life, perfect husband who could love you all your live, who cares for you, something make breakfast for you, respect you. well I dreamt of exact husband. I never had boyfriend, never went on dates, never kissed anyone, and I am still a virgin. you know why? I wanted to safe this all for the person I am going to spend my whole life..

I dreamt of my wedding day since I was five. dreamt of my perfect husband since I was ten. I was happy with just dreaming. I never knew that I will marry some one who don't care about what I do? where I go? what do? nothing!

I had arrange marriage with world's fifth most richest person of world. Andrew Mason Scott. 31 years old, rich, arrogant, rude, proud of himself, doesn't care about any other person and number one player or can I say man-whore! and most of all eleven years older then me!

let me tell you something about myself. well I am Sarah Matthew, daughter of 'no one popular'. I am twenty years old, college drop out because I wasn't able to afford it anymore. I live with my dad. he was a sales man. he lost his job because of early Alzheimer. my mother.. well I don't know her. dad told me that she left me on dad's door step when I was nine months old, basically my dad raise me alone. and I am happy. but due to dad's Alzheimer I can't leave house up to him so I can't go out, can't make friends, can't go to parties, basically my life is boring and I don't blame my dad for that he devoted his lift for me... but now my dad's condition was getting worst. doctor told me that it wasn't safe for him to stay at home so I had send him to some care centre for Alzheimer patients... it's been six months since dad has been admitted. I live alone now, working as waitress at some cafe. my salary can hardly pay for dad's medicine... but one day everything change and I am living a different live since then... but one thing always has been with me and that 'bad luck'...

I was sitting by the window 'alone' looking at beautiful garden in front of me. I was all alone in this freaking huge mansion.. yeah right mansion..thinking how life was totally different one month ago, when I was single waitress, working hard for her father. one month ago I was free, now I am in this prison. one month ago I was single, but now can't say happily but yeah married. one month ago I was Sarah Matthew, now I am Sarah Andrew Scott. I am married to a workaholic. it's been a month but he didn't talk to properly, he talked just twice like 'Sonia I am going on a business trip for a week' or 'Sonia not now' yeah right "Sonia" he doesn't know my name, once I tried to talk to him but he was busy. I get bored, sometime I visit dad other time I read some novels or talk to maids. yeah right talk to maids. I wanted perfect married life, this was the only thing I wanted since I was five. but I think 'bad luck' is my best friend.. I have to try something to divert his attention towards me...

my thoughts were interrupted by car engine groan...Andrew's car. I ran towards the other window of my room so I could see him. he stepped out of his amazing black Audi 8. he was looking incredibly hot and sexy in that suit and loosen tie, messy Burnett silky hair, he was looking straight that why I couldn't see his deep blue eyes.. he had muscular body, he spend 2 hours in gym everyday..I was lost in his looks. my thoughts were interrupted when a blond bimbo stepped out of passenger seat. she was wearing extremely short black skirt.. huge boobs, she was actually beautiful.. I felt ache in heart when I saw here leaning Andrew and kissing him hungrily, a tear ran down my cheek when he kissed back. this was the first time since marriage he brought some whore at home. I sat on the edge of the bed. crying. I can't see him with other women. he don't like me I know but he should not bring someone when he lives with her wife! even he should not even sleep with some one except her wife!! he is fucking married!! I have to divert his attention towards me!

with that I lay on my bed and went into deep slumber.


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