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Justice Crews Little Sister

Dedicated to
Len John Ruela Peacre, John Len Ruela...

oh this is kinda my dream like what I always dream about and wish it would happen : ) hope you like it! Again I'm using my name but none of the others are proper names.

Chapter 1

Me: "James just email him!!!!!!! You KNOW i love them and you CAN email him just DO IT!!!!!!!"

James (my brother) : "Look I won't email him if you keep annoying me. So just stop asking and i might do it next time I'm on  Face book."

Me: " But its in two weeks!!! If you DON'T hurry up it'll be too late!"

James: "You're annoying me!!!!!! I'll see if he's on tonight OK!! Gawd you're annoying!!!!!!! Why do you even like them?"

Me: "Just because you're friends with him and used to see him dance for free! I have never got to see him dance for free and i've only met him a couple of times! And they're HOT!!"

James: "Whatever."

James goes to his room and i go to my room, just to stare at my front row tickets to see JUSTICE CREW live!!!! It's gonna be THE best birthday EVER!! Me and my girlies at my favourite guys concert! And shopping! 2 weeks away! I wish time would hurry up!


2 weeks later:

Me: "heeey guys!!!"

Amy: "hey!"

Marie: "Heyyy"

Julie: "Hi"

Amy: "You pumped yet??"

Me: "Hellas yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so gonna hug Lenny!"

Marie: "Haha whatever! I'm so touching Lukas' muscles!"

Julie: "Come on what about Paulie?? Hes is S.E.X.Y!!!!!!!!!!"

Me:  "Not as sexy as LEN!!!!!!"


This argument continues for the 3 hour trip to Canberra. When we get to Canberra we go straight to the shops.

We've been shopping for around 2 hours! Only 5 hours til the show!! Then my phone rings.


Me: "Hello"

Eman: "Hey Sarah this is Emmanuel Rodriguez from Justice Crew, before you say anything DONT scream, this call has to be a secret OK??"

Me: "Um ok heeey!!!!!"

Eman: "You're shopping with your friends yeah??"

Me: "um yeah??"

Eman: "You have to make an excuse to get away from them and meet me. I was talking to James and he organized for me to surprise you, we need you to come rehearse with us so you can do a dance with us tonight but your friends and family CANT know its a surprise"

Me: "OMG are you serious!! OMG um ok ill tell them my cousin needs me. Where should i meet you?"

Eman: "Meet me out the front of Kmart. You'll be able to pick me out haha and i know what u look like so ill pick u out."

Me: "Ohk ill be 5 mins"

Eman: "ok see you then"


Me: "Girls this is an emergency do you think you can survive without me my cousin just rang she needs me. She said she'd drop me off at the hotel in a couple of hours. Is that ok?"

Amy: "Um yeah sure go we'll be fine."

Me: "Cool thanx see ya later"


I full on sprint to Kmart and i can't see Eman then all of a sudden someone grabsme from behind. Its him. I hug him and he hugs me and then he walks me to his car. Then we drive to the Southern Cross Club Woden. When we get there Eman takes me in the back door to the stage.


Solo: "Ok 5,6,7,8"

Eman: "GUYS!!!!!! You can stop now Sarah's here!"

Lenny: "Heeey Sarah"

Solo: "Sup Sarah!"

John: "Hi"

Samson and Lucas: "Hello"

Me: "Heey guys! Omg i luv you soooooo much!"

Solo: "aw we love you too Sarah, even though everyone except Eman has never met u before haha "

Me: "Haha wait where's Paulie and Jerome??"

Eman: "They're somewhere"

Lenny: "They're out the back"

Paulie: "We can hear you!!!"

Paulie and Jerome walk in.

Jerome: "Hey you must be Sarah, can't wait to see you dance!"

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