Hogwart's Daughter


'You are lighter since last time we met.'

I sigh. Did he really have to drag this out any longer?

'Yeah, I'm apparently a metamorphagus' I explain, boredom in my tone. 'I' M trying out the blonde look. Maybe blue? '

Voldemort tried to hide his shock as my hair turned a glossy, royal blue, waistlength, and in tight ringlets.

' No stupid girl. Your soul. '

From inside the frame of the veil, he reached out a slender white hand and seemed to pull something. Like a yawn, or a sigh, I felt a tug from inside my heart. I gasped as a silvery thread spurted out of my chest, this didn't hurt, however it was pretty freaky coming out of my chest.

' Thought so. ' he mumbled quietly

' What the he'll was that? ' I breathed rather pathetically.

' You are getting lighter. ' he said vaguely.

' We haven't much time. Here you go, take this and you will be able to contact me through this' something floated through the veil as he said this, a feather like wisp of a thing that clattered to the ground. A mirror.

'Whatever. Bye daddy! ' I shouted gleefully.

' What am I going to do with her Bella? '

My godmother stepped out of the shadows.

' I would leave her be master. She is strong. Shall i...?'

Her voice trailed off as she held an ornate box out, adorned with flowers.

I opened it. A locket sat inside.

Haha. Yeah shes completely different at home. She's caring and l, well, motherly (weird, considering a few years ago she was a death eater)

' take her away. She must catch the train to Hogwarts this morning. I'm counting on you, little slithering. '

I changed my hair fluorescent green.

' yaaay. '

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