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Hello Wattpadians!  This is the SECOND revised draft of Agents of Ki.  I posted as I edited up chapters in the hopes some of my sharp-eyed friends will catch errors or point out places the story drags, isn't clear, or you've read it and STILL don't know which character is the POV character for each chapter because I did something stupid like forget to remind you of who I was talking about (hazard of writing epic fantasy).  I mean ... -I- know who I'm talking about ... but if YOU don't ... epic fail.  Also, one thing I've been trying to do more with this particular book is add a bit more descriptive prose without bogging down my action. 

Oh ... and possessive plurals.  Smite!  If it makes you scratch your head, chances are it's ME who's wrong.

I've now moved on to do my THIRD draft (the read-aloud) and will not be posting that, but it is not too late for me to make changes, so if you read something that makes you want to smack me and scream 'what the hell were you thinking???' now is the time to speak up!  NOW is the time it is possible, before this becomes a final draft.  Just remember, this is my SECOND ROUGH DRAFT and nowhere near the final version.  It is a story still in raw, unpolished form.  (And I will not be posting the third draft, or the final one ... if you want those you'll have to BUY them on Amazon for $4.99 :-)

If you are new to the 'Sword of the Gods' series, the completed (as in ... edited final version) of Book 1 of the series can be read for free right here on Wattpad:

Book 2 (Prince of Tyre) is exclusively for sale on most distribution platforms, as will be Agents of Ki once I finish this rewrite, analyze all the places y'all tell me it sucks, fix it again, and then upload it for sale :-)  But anybody who takes the time to consistently point out boo-boos, or things they liked, or hated, or thought it dragged, or just plain bounce around ideas (because sometimes I get some really great ideas suggested by readers ... like war camels ... yes ... we have the first hint of war camels in Book 3 ... thank you Cindy) will be offered the chance to be emailed a complimentary edition of the finished e-book once I've got it uploaded to Amazon and all the other distributors.

Thanks so much for reading and be epic!


Copyright 2013 Anna Erishkigal - All Rights reserved


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