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Before Renesmee Cullen

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It was amazing coming to Forks, Washington. I watched the trees as my father Charlie drove Bella and I, Opal Ann Swan, to his house in Forks. It was gloomy as always. Bella and I were going to enroll in school here. I am an eighth grader and Bella is a junior.

Finally Charlie pulled into the driveway to his house. It was a two-story house. White. Plain as snow. Bella and I, besides fighting, talked about how we hated the snow and rain all the time. I absolutely HATED anything that was wet and cold. I could stand it if I was messing around but just standing in it was something I disliked. If a boy were involved it were different though....

Boyfriends. Not one of my hobbies. The only time I had ever had a boyfriend was my partner in math in seventh grade and he had just gotten on the Registered Sex Offenders List... Great. So when I found out I went up to him and then he punched me in the face. I started to fight back and ever since I have been the quiet, and avoiding type.

I have dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and I am 5' 6" and I have a thing for guys that are tan, brown eyes, or green eyes, and they have to have brown hair or black hair. No exception.

Charlie showed Bella her room and I noticed how she had a lot of old pictures and stuff on her wall. She had a purple comforter as did I. I loved purple, and brown. My favorite colors. I also liked the scenery here. The trees, the... the rocks.... the.... okay I just liked it here.

"This? Oh my gosh!" I heard Bella scream from outside. I ran outside and saw a man in a wheelchair playing around with Charlie in the street. It was raining so I slipped on my sisters brown jacket which was technically mine considering she took it from me!!

Somebody was laughing and giggling in the truck while Charlie and the guy in the wheelchair was messing around in the road. I looked at the guy in the truck. His long dark hair, his brown eyes, and his muscles. He was insanely hot. Then Bella's face became sad. He just looked at her then he glanced out the window not noticing me the first time and then he looked again as if to double check. He jumped out and came over to me. He gave me a bear hug then flashed me a dazzling smile.

"Uh dad? Who's the hottie smiling at me?" I asked dad that was standing by the car.

Dad laughed and the guy in front of me smiled even bigger, "This is Jacob Black. He is-"

"Just call me Papa." The guy in the wheelchair said sticking out his hand.

"You're Billy Black. I remember you." I said smiling, "How you doing old man." I said shaking his hand.

"I'm still kicking." He said smiling.

"Well you keep on kicking old man! Keep up what you're doing! I'm sure Charlie here wouldn't have anyone else because I sure as hell ain't watching football!" I wished i could have taken it back right after I said it, "Oh god! Dad! I am so sorry...." I said. I felt my face turn red and i ducked my head in my jacket. It was sheep fur inside so it felt like I could hide forever.

"Don't worry Opal. Your mother told me you called me Charlie instead of Dad.... and I'm sure i wouldn't replace old Billy here even if he were dead. His ashes would be sitting next to me duck taped to the couch." He said smiling.

"I really am sorry dad.... I didn't mean to curse either...." I said. My face was cooling now. I did mean to curse, it's what I do. Don't like it. Shut up and leave me alone. Simple as that.

"Opal?" Jacob asked.

"What?" I asked still looking in my jacket. I noticed.

"You don't remember me do you?" He asked pushing my chin with his thumb upward.

"Not really." i said showing a quick smile.


"What!? Why does everything happen behind the brick walls?" I asked. He laughed and we started laughing, "How *LAUGH* Did *LAUGH* You Remeb- *Laugh* -er?" I asked in between my hysterical laughter.

"I have no clue." He said serious.

"Oh." I stopped laughing and then looked at the confused people around us. I laughed awkwardly and then walked up the steps to go in the house.

"Bye Opal." Jake called.

"Bye Jake. Hey? Will I see you at school?" I asked.

"Uh... *Half hearted chuckle* No... I... I go to school on the reserve." He said, "But we can hang out whenever you want... Just call and then we can catch up at La Push." He said smiling.

"La Push?" I asked.

"It's a beach hon." Dad said.

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Kellan Lutzas Emmett
Taylor Lautneras Jacob
Robert Pattinsonas Edward
Troian Avery Bellisarioas Opal
Kristen Stewartas Bella
Boo Boo Stewartas Seth
Ashley Greeneas Alice
Alex Merazas Paul
Billy Burkeas Charlie

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