ray POV
( I was still thinking of my choices when I heard another knock on the door)

“nigg-a hold the fvck up” I yelled

“its kayla” she yelled I went to the door and opened and saw the same guy behind her waiting I let kayla in and told the other guy to wait.

“why didn’t you leave?” she asked

“where that nigg-a waiting out side for her” I said pacing around the room

“why is mr. august on the floor”she asked

“long story are you going to help us get out or what?” I said

“umm the window duhh” she said I looked at the window and opened it … its not that far from the ground. I then turned back around and glanced at kayla.

“why are you here?” I asked

“to help you and jasmine get out of here” she said

“no im saying why were you in a place like this in the first place” I said she glanced at jasmine then me

“you wont get” she said sitting on the edge of the bed

“why are you prostituting ?” I asked sitting next to her she sighed

“my mom is having a hard time paying for the rent and putting food on the table and my dad is no help at all with is drug abuse problem so they asked me to do this because they said I wasn’t helping.” she said I never new she was going throw this type of stuff.

“I understand” I said then she stood up

“NO YOU DONT UNDERSTAND.! YOU DONT KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO GO THROW WHAT I GO THROUGH.! YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING” she yelled then tears started streaming down her face. I stood up hugging her

“its ok kayla im sorry I never knew but we have to go” I said then pulled away from her I picked jasmine up carrying her out the window. and turned around to see kayla standing there.

“come on” I said then I heard louder banging on the door.

“you got 10 seconds in till I bust on this door” I heard someone yell

“im staying now go” she said

“im not leaving with out you” I said then I heard the door being bust open with a group of guys coming in

“you have no choice” she said closing and locking the window and the guys rushed her pinning her down.

“GO” I saw her mouthed then i started running with jasmine but i really didn’t know where i was going.

Kayla POV
( i was pinned down by three guys )

“let me go” i yelled

“naw sorry sweetie you got your self into some deep sh-t” one said taking of his clothes then mine.

“so you gonna rape me? lets just have some fun” i said in a seductive voice and he had a huge grin and they let me go while i stood up and walked to one of the guys and put my hands around his neck and whispered.

“you like this baby well its going to coast you” i whispered biting is ear a little then i backed up slowly seeing a big smile on his face.

“so tell me boys how rough do you like it” i said unbutton my shirt they didn’t say nothing i walked up to the biggest guy and started rubbing my hands up and down his shirt then he placed his hands on my butt and started kissing my neck i then kneed him and his man part and he feel to the ground groaning while the other guys tried to attack me but they were not big at all they were really skinny. one of them ran towards me and i kicked him in his stomach and he fell into the guy behind him and the last guy got my from behind holding my arms.

“come on baby don’t be like that” i wined then he chuckled

“you don’t know who i am do you” he said i turned around slowly and it was mr. august

“what do you want let me go for you be next” i said

“Mhmm your the opposite of jasmine aren’t you” he said grinning i tried to get of his gripped but he wouldn’t let me.

“your coming with me” he said