Wwe Imagine Oneshots *Requests Open*


Rules ;

- You have to state what you want to happen in the book . If not , your requests will not be completed , and don't say 'just surprise me'.

- Don't just say can you have a Oneshot with a superstar , and not give me detail of what you want to happen . I'm not going to keep asking 'What do you want it to be about ?' Because you should figure out the rules by now . It's on the description too .

- Don't Comment on the Oneshot book your requests , inbox me because I won't do them if you comment .

- Don't rush me either to get it done . Sometimes I get lazy, and don't want to finish yet. I will inbox you when your Oneshot is done .

- I do rated r , but not too the extreme , threesomes for example , I tried it , I didn't like it because people were so picky , so I don't do it anymore .

-Don't keep asking for Oneshots after Oneshots because I tend to get annoyed .

-Don't be picky , saying 'that's not what you asked for ' Pretty much being ungreatful for what I completed .

- Don't ask for two or more Oneshots at once .

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