One Direction Imagines


Today was the first day of school :/

OMG there are so many cute white dudes in my school :)

It's so coldd inside my house :3


"GET OUT, LIAM. NOW. I swear to GOD you make me so fucking mad!" You scream at the top of your lungs. He storms out of the house, slamming the front door behind him. The engine roars and the brakes squeal as he tears out of the driveway.

You had been working on an important case, for months now, and all of your efforts were ruined. Liam had let his ex- girlfriend come get her things and she trashed the place. 


Now you couldn’t win your case, your twelfth case in a row. You hadn’t lost a lawsuit since you started at the firm, and it was mostly because of the supreme organization skills you and Liam shared.


That little fucking tart… You angrily scooped papers off the floor, only to have your hands shaking so hard in frustration they fell to the ground again. Your anger had fizzled out to frustration, and frustration to tears of sadness. 


Sliding down the wall you crash on the floor of your office, and look around to see charts ripped from the walls, files strewn everywhere, cabinets on the ground with contents spilling out in gushes. 


You took a deep breath and your lungs expanded until they felt like bursting. You exhaled completely, and stood up to begin cleaning the mess.




It was nearly midnight when you finished cleaning, and Liam hadn’t come home. Maybe he won’t, you thought, knowing that he would be through the front door as soon as he knew you had calmed down.


You walked to the kitchen, turning on every light along the way, to no avail making the house seem less empty. In fact, the brightness just made you more aware of how lonely you were. 


Filling the tea kettle, you started the stove burner on high to boil the water. You wouldn’t sleep without something warm, whether it was tea or Liam, and the latter wasn’t near enough.


Upstairs in the bedroom you changed into a pair of jogging shorts and one of his t shirts. His scent enveloped you and the soft fabric slid easily over your skin.


The kettle whistled, and you soothed its cries, pouring the steaming water into a mug already filled with hot chocolate powder. 


Placing the cup on the coffee table, you pressed the ‘on’ button for the tv, and it flickered through te channels to see ifanything was on. A news story was already on, this late, about a car accident south of here.

Near Wolverhampton. You shook your head at the thought, until the screen flashed a streamline across the bottom banner, 'One casualty, body cannot yet be identified,'. A deathly shiver overtook you, and you jumped to grab the home receiver.


You dialed his number by heart and began to cry as ring after ring erupted from the ear piece. A click on the other line signaled someone’s answering.


"Liam?" You choked out.


"Babe… what’s wrong?" His groggy voice was such a comfort to you, and tears freely flowed down your face as you sobbed the story and the fear for his life to him.


"I’m coming home." He said, and you could hear the bed springs creaking under the shift of his weight. "Okay? (Y/N)? I’m on my way now." 


"Be careful." It was all you could manage to utter without breaking down completely again. You sniffled, and heard the shutting of his car door.


"Do you want to stay on the line with me?" Liam asks quietly. 




"Okay love. Okay." He sighs and you can hear movement as he accelerates on the freeway. 


Soft music is playing in the background, and you instantly recognize the tune. He sings, and it soothes you into quiet whimpering.


"Listen as the crowd would sing~" You heard his mumbling of the words on the phone. Viva la Vida- it was the song that had made you fall in love with him, watching The X Factor as a ‘carrot’ as Louis called the newbie-fans. 


Calmly, you listen to every syllable as he sings the notes, the entire song through. Then another, another, until you hear gravel crunching in the driveway.


Throwing the phone down, you rush outside to grab him, hold him tight. His arms wrap perfectly around your body as he breathes in the scent of your skin, walking you back into the house huddle in his warm leather jacket.


"It’s okay, I’m here. I won’t leave." 


Tomorrow is school....again :((((((((((((((((((((

I wish it was Friday after school :/

Goodnight my peasents :)



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