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All About the Fanservice - BoyxBoy Oneshots


Warning: Lots of dirty words and descriptive sex lies ahead. Proceed at your own caution.


Title: Kiss the Cook

He was his new cook and 27 year-old businessman Rick knew better than to lust after the hired help. But there was just something so…delectable about Fanya. With his dark red hair, catty green eyes and equally catty features he was a very pretty something to come home too after a long day at work. Rick could never mix business with pleasure; it was a golden rule of his.

However, he was seriously beginning to rethink that rule.

Coming home to him was both something to look forward to and something to dread. Something to look forward to because he was incredibly alluring and sexy as he waited on him hand and foot. But dreading as he was nothing more than the hired help.

It took all of Rick’s self-control not to grab the younger man, throw him onto his bed and ravish him senseless. He wanted to, he wanted to so badly. He had dreams where he fucked Fanya into the mattress, taking him in every potion he could think of, milking him dry by making him cum over and over again.

He had woken up to soiled sheets many a morning.

He had a will of steel and had taken many a cold shower in an attempt not to give into his primal urges. But there was something about Fanya tonight that was more sensual than usual. Every little thing that he did; bending down to get something out of the cupboard, licking the spoon to taste test the food he was preparing, the way the apron hung on his hips.

His self-control went…snap.

Abruptly taking to his feet from where he was sitting at the kitchen table, Rick took the short steps necessary to corner Fanya in the kitchen. He grabbed the younger man by the elbow, whipped him around to face him and shoved him back against the fridge where he kissed him. Fanya’s mouth had opened in surprised and Rick took the opportunity to slips his tongue inside his mouth in an aggressive and hungry kiss.

Fanya made no attempt to move or to struggle. He simply stood stock still in his arms, allowing him to have his way with his mouth.

After Rick finally released him from the bruising kiss, Fanya breathed heavily, his features flushed and his expression dazed. Slowly, however, a smirk slipped across those redden lips and he gave Rick a knowing look.

“I was wondering when you were going to snap and take me,” he purred as he wrapped his arms around Rick’s neck.

Rick was both shocked and a little annoyed. Shocked that Fanya seemed to know his struggles with his sexual desire for him. And annoyed because it meant he could have done this ages ago. Well, that only meant he had to make up for lost time.

So Rick kissed him again.

Fanya fully participated in the kiss, eagerly pressing his tongue against Rick’s in a sloppy but heated kiss. Hands roamed everywhere as they kissed, Rick pulling Fanya away from the fridge, instead pinning him against the kitchen counter. His hands made quick work of the clothes that Fanya was wearing, Fanya effortlessly tugging at his own. It didn’t take long for them to be completely naked, nothing but heated desire separating them.

Fanya suddenly broke the kiss, pushing Rick back slightly. “How about a little apology for making you wait so long, hmm?”

Before Rick could ask what he meant, Fanya abruptly lowered himself to his knees, his hands gripping at his hips and kissed the tip of Rick’s cock. He then took it into his mouth, grating his teeth and running his tongue over the harden organ. Rick gritted his teeth when Fanya began to make there hot little noises, panting and moaning against his cock as if it was bringing him pleasure as well. Rick groaned and knotted his hands in Fanya’s red hair when Fanya deep-throated him, his tongue licking the underside of his cock. It took all his self-control not to buck his hips forward as he didn’t want to gag the younger man.

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