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I'm not I? GirlxGirl


Sandy's POV

After I picked Jr up from daycare, we headed to nina's house instead of going home. We pulled up in her driveway and I grabbed my spare key to open the door. "Nina", I called out. "neeeeeennn", Jr repeated. She walked downstairs and smiled at me then picked Jr up. "how's my little man", she tickled him. "hehehehe stttoooopppp", he giggled like crazy then turned bright red. "he's so adorable", she cooed.  

"he's so damn bad", I laughed as I said it. "that too. What have you been up to lately Hun", Nina asked me. We sat on her couch and I leaned forward and I held my head in my hands to try to get rid of the new headache that was forming. "I'm fine", she read right through my lie. Sometimes I'm glad she knows when I lie, sometimes, I wish she wouldn't do that.

"stop lying. You look exhausted and aggravated", she stated. She had a good point. "ok well..i don't know. Jason and I... I can't explain it. It's like he doesn't want his son or me for that matter. I know I wouldn't be married if it wasn't for that one night, but I still learned to accept this and even love this. The whole marriage and kid thing wasn't supposed to happen this early, but he doesn't have to act like he doesn't care", I felt like crying, but I'm not the crying type. I get the feeling like I will, but I never do. "Aww poor baby. He's just a man in his 20s. He may be a father, but you have to remember that all teenage and 20-something year old men are idiots. Hahaha. They just wanna have fun and deal with responsibilities later. It's not that he doesn't care. It's just that wants to live the life of a college guy", Nina explained as she held Jr and rubbed my aching back. "I understand that neen, but it's so different now. Even I feel different because I sense change. He doesn't come home often, and when he does, he sits in front the tv all day. He doesn't even keep an eye out for Jr. I'm afraid to leave them alone together tomorrow because he just doesn't care what happens".

"Man that isn't too good", Nina told me. She shook her head then went to lay Jr in her room since he fell asleep on her shoulder. She came back downstairs and we watched tv and talked. She picked up her phone and giggled at a text. "mmmhm. So who's the lucky guy that got your interest", I lightly tapped her arm. she blushed and looked up. "no one", she put her phone down quickly. Hmm strange. Lately I haven't heard much about her date life, and I wonder why she keeps it a secret now. I decided not to push her on the situation. She'll tell me when she's ready.

"What time is it", I asked. She looked at her phone. I would have checked mine, but I think it's in the car. "going on 8:30", Nina told me. "what the hell? How long have we been here. How long was Jr sleep", I jumped up in a panic. "calm down. He has been sleep for a while so you should wake him, so he isn't up all night. And he's also probably hungry", Nina went to the kitchen. "Don't fix anything neen. We have to head home". "alright babe. I'll go get Jr and put his shoes back on. you sit down and catch a breath. You almost had a heart attack", she laughed. She headed upstairs for a few minutes, so I used the chance to go to the bathroom. When I finished I walked back into the living to find Jr sitting on the floor whining. "awww. What's wrong buddy", I had a splitting headache, but I wasn't going to take my stress out on my baby. He was just tired and if I didn't want to make anything worse for any of us then I should just try my best to make him happy.

"moooommmmyyy", Jr cried. I picked him up and kissed his cheek. "come on love, let's go find you some food". I tried to think of a place he might like to go for dinner. Not mcdonalds. My son has never had it, and I'll never feed him that crap. He's had wendys and other fast-food, but personally I think mcdonalds is worse than any other fast-food restaurant. "wanna go to wendys, Jr", I tickled him so he would lighten up with the attitude. He giggled and said yes. I went upstairs to find Nina making her bed "Nina. We'll see you later hun", I called to her. "ok babe" she walked to us and kissed Jr. "bye bye little man".

We got in the car and headed toward wendys. After I went through the drive through, I headed home. "moooommmmyyy", Jr cried again. This isn't working well with my headache. "Jr stop whining and talk to me. What's wrong", I didn't mean to snap at him, but I can't take it. That approach didn't work. He started kicking his legs and crying in his infant seat. Looks like we both have a bad attitude. "Jr! Cut that shit out! I'm not feeling good and you're gonna have to stop the whining and tell me what you want or my attitude won't get any better". He stop whining but kept kicking his legs with an attitude. "gimmie fries", he demanded with a nasty tone in his voice. Hmph. I wonder who he got that from. I handed him a French frye just to calm him down. "Next time, you're going to ask nicely or you get nothing. You know damn well you can say please and thank you", I don't know what this little boy's problem is.

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