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Fake Love [Harry Styles]

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[Present day]

Clayton's POV:




Bringing the mug to my lips I found an empty lounge chair; which is very rare in Starbucks, so I took the opportunity and sat down. The scent of coffee made my lips upturn into a subtle, pleased grin. 

"Will that be all miss?" 

A waiter approached me, a warm grin on his face making the stubble on his cheeks stand out more. I nodded my head immediately, putting the mug down on the little side table next to me.

"That will be it." 

Clasping my hands together, I looked up at him to notice he was staring. I took the time to see that he had dark green eyes, a couple flecks of yellow around the iris'-- which instantly made me self conscious. His stare was so intense, but so familiar.

"Have a good day then."

When he turned around, all I wanted was for him to turn back around, just to get another glance at those eyes.

They looked just like his. The same tint, the same intensity.

I’ve gotten rid of the mere thought of him the best I could for the past two years, but now my progress was ruined. The lies he told, the hurt he caused, but most importantly it brought up our moments. Not just the sexual ones-- the one's when he would cuddle with me at night until I fell asleep, when he kissed my nose whenever I was upset over something. 

Picking up the mug again I took a drink, just trying to drown the memories, but it was no use. His infectious smile was embedded into my head and all I saw were those dimples. The dimples I would kiss whenever we would depart, the dimples that were shown after both of our first time. 

"That's $8.50." 

I definitely got what I wished for when the same waiter came back to receive the payment. His eyes were on mine and I felt so weak. 

Fumbling through my purse, I held out the required money and tried to put out my best confident smile-- even though it was more of a weak grin--the kind that's obviously forced.

Catching it, he raised a suspicious brow, “Are you alright, babe?”


That sent me over the edge and back.

Biting my bottom lip I stood up and gathered my things not daring to look back at the waiter, because I could feel the tears starting to form in my eyes. Drinking a little bit more of the coffee, the caffeinated beverage burned the roof of my mouth as I started to walk towards the door.

The waiter looked confused, standing there with the money in his hand watching me as I hurried out of the cafe. Shaking his worry off with a shake of his head, he went back to waiting another table. 

I was so close to her car, but against how hard I tried, I broke down. A pair of teenagers walking down the sidewalk brought back painful memories, which made me cry even more. They looked so happy holding hands together; I didn’t even have to know them to realize how much they cared for one another. 

The girl pointed me out to the boy, whose fingers were lightly laced together; a small worried greeting escaped their lips.  Already self conscious from the waiter back in Starbucks, I turned my back towards them but was having problems finding the keys in my purse. I just wanted to escape, hide from everyone. I hated seeming weak and the fact people were laughing at me made me feel even more insecure about myself.

“Damn it.” 

In the process of finding car keys I dropped them, only to make the whispering behind me grow louder than before.. How could people not know when they are not wanted around?

Before picking them up I wiped at my cheeks with my hands, turned my head around and gave a scowl towards the couple. The girl seemed taken aback but the boy had the nerve to smirk, but suddenly as my hand graced the concrete something scraped against it and brought the memory I had tried so hard to erase into play.



Harry's hands trailed the back of my shirt as he picked me up onto his lap. The sense of hunger and desperation in the way his mouth fought with my own made me shudder.

To my dismay, though, he stopped kissing me and just stared at me. I’ve never noticed how gorgeous his eyes really were before this moment. They were such a dark, forest green matched with the perfect shade of yellow near the iris’.  Little did I know Harry was thinking the same thing about mine, the pale blue had so much more definition up close. He wanted to spend hours picking out every different shade of blue.

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Chapter 1: Memories


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