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Truth or Dare? (An Austin Mahone Fan Fiction)


Rocco just started laughing as well.

Austin: Sir this is a very serious matter. He's very gay and you signed him illegally.
Rocco: Who is this? (He said while laughing over the phone).
Austin: Sir I said it was Sherif Greenswood, are you deaf? Why do I need to be fucking repeating myself?
Rocco: Is this Robert?

Austin started laughing then tried talking like Robert.

Austin: Haha yeah I was just messing with you

Roberts mouth just dropped

Robert: Austin the fuck

Austin: Well I gotta go because Austin is calling me so bye.

He then hung up while Robert got up and punched Austin's arm.

Austin: Do you want to start something?
Robert: Nah I'm good, it was just a little pay back for what you just did.

Austin: Okay let's see who's next! (He said while spinning the bottle)

Austin: Ooooh it's Alex's turn!
Alex: Yeah yeah
Austin: Okay Truth or Dare?
Alex: Dare.
Austin: I dare you to...

He then whispered into Alex's ear.

Alex: But-
Austin: Hey you picked dare.
Alex: Ugh.

Zach: What was the dare?
Alex: Austin dared me to dare Dani to lick his abs.
Me: How about fifty shades of no.
Austin: Was that a statement or a question?
Me: How ever you want to take it. (I said annoyed).
Austin: Calm down there blue eyes.
Me: Shut up. Now I'm not doing that dare so you can choose something else for Alex to do.
Austin: No, now Alex go ahead and dare her.
Alex: Umm Dani I dare you to lick Austin's abs.. (He said quietly, a bit nervous).
Me: That's cheating.
Austin: No one assigned rules Miss know-it-all.
Me: Well I'm just not going through with that.

Alex got up and went to the side of me and spoke to me under his breath.

Alex: I fucking payed you so do it.
Me: You set me up didn't you?
Alex: I didn't.... But Austin may have..

I looked back at Austin and he had a smile on his face.

Austin: Okay let's do this.

He walked over to a table and laid flat on it while saying "Im waiting", god I hated when he said that. I remember him always sticking those two words together.

Me: I-
Alex: Do it.

I slowly walked closer to Austin, very nervous and really not wanting to go through with this game. It always knew how to bring me trouble.

The next thing I knew I was standing right next to the table Austin was on and he took his shirt off. So many people were chanting "Do it, Do it, Do it".

I had no idea what to do so I went through with it.

I climbed on a chair and then to the table, now hovering over Austin.

I tilted my head and put my tongue on his abs and licked them. I had my eyes closed and was so relieved when I was done. I opened my eyes and I was inches away from his face. He now had his sunglasses off and I finally got to see his eyes. They still had that sparkle in them. Time seemed paused, it seemed as if it was just me and Austin. His face kept getting closer and closer. By the time I knew it I was staring right at his lips. We kissed, he put one hand on my jawline. I then felt his tongue slip in my mouth. He was so addicting.

This whole "paused time" stopped right after someone yelled my name.

I pulled away from Austin and looked to the right, where I heard the voice coming from.

End of chapter.
Okay for all those people that continuously comment "update", my updating days are Saturdays and only once a week. Leave a comment below that's not "update" and Vote!

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