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The Wizard and the Witch, The Star of Elmrock


The Wizard and the Witch 

The Star of Elmrock (previously Katlin)

 Copyright ? Rosemary Lynch 01\/02\/2012 

Cover Art ~ Rosemary Lynch 

All Rights Reserved 

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, by photocopying or by any electronic or mechanical means,  including information storage or retrieval systems,  without permission from both the copyright owner  and the publisher of this book. 

All names, places, words and people within this book are entirely fictitious and any similarities between the living or the deceased is purely coincidental 

 Second edition August 2013 

Prelude ~Five years previous 

The bell for lunch rung loudly through the heavy branches of the mighty oaks and without hesitation the girls hurried back towards home, having been out all morning playing in the forest. Dressed as warrior princesses, they spent hours lost in their own magical world, climbing trees and building dens. By now, Sarah was in front of her cousin by a good twenty paces. Katlin was never any good at running, more like the tortoise than the hare. That is when she first saw him. From nowhere he appeared in front of her, and they stood there, staring at each other. She was just fourteen and he was older, sixteen or seventeen she would have said if he had been a normal boy, but he was not. His bright, blue eyes stared fixated on her, mesmerizing her. His long, blond hair reached to his shoulders, his ears pointed, and his features strong and athletic. 

He was watching her as she ran through the trees, her long, blonde hair lifting in the gentle breeze. She was lagging behind her cousin, and he knew this was his chance, so he materialised in front of her. 

"Can you see me, Katlin?" he asked, and his eyes travelled over her intensely, as he took in every detail of her appearance. As his eyes lifted to her emerald, green eyes, his heart shook profoundly, and as she gazed back at him, he thought it would burst from his chest. 

Katlin froze to the spot, and she could just about manage a nod, how did he know her name? She glanced up to her cousin, but she was clambering on up the hill oblivious to it all. As her eyes returned to his, she fell into them, her young heart trembled and she twisted the folds of her clothes nervously. 

He smiled the most, kindest, gentlest smile that she had ever seen. 

"My name is Keltor," he said introducing himself with a nod of his head. Suddenly feeling incredibly at ease with him, she smiled back. Keltor trembled hopelessly at her response as he had waited so long for this day. He reached into his pocket and pulled something out, extending his hand towards her, he offered it to her. 

"Katlin," he said. "This is for you, you must wear and treasure it always," he insisted. She swallowed, took a step towards him, and held out her hand. He dropped it into her palm. He wanted to tell her more, so much more but he could not, his time was up. He pulled something else out of his pocket, turned to his left and threw it into the air, as it dispersed it resembled silver, sparkling dust. Instead of falling to the ground, it swirled like some kind of mist in front of him. He turned back to her and winked. 

"I will be back for you, Katlin Jacobs," he promised, his eyes taking her in once more. This is the last time she would see him for a very long time. 

"How do you know my name?" she asked quickly. His bright blue eyes bored into her and made her tremble. 

"Because, Katlin, you are special. Do not forget," he added with another smile as he glanced to her hand. "Wear it always." He stepped into the swirling mist. 

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