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This is another story that I think will be fun to write. Its about Bella. I know this story have been done many times but this is my version of baby Bella. Please tell me what y'all think of it. Thanks. P.S. I do not own Twilight. All I own is the plot and the names I make up. Thanks.


This is a story about Bella Swan. Renee and Charlie Swan were a very happy couple. They were really happy when they find out they were going to have a baby. Charlie started to come up with names for a boy because he really wanted a boy so he could take him fishing, hiking, and to watch sports with. Renee on the other hand was trying to come up with girls names. She always dreamed about having a girl to fix her hair and to play tea party with. Not to mention all the pink clothes. Charlie is the police chief of the small town of Forks, Washington. He and his wife have lived there all their lives. They have been married 3 years and are now going to be proud parents. They were so much in love until one day Renee started to feel extremely sick. She was throwing up and cramping. So Charlie decided to take her to the hospital and on their way there the unthinkable happened. They were just a couple of miles from the hospital when they were in a head on collision . It killed Charlie instantly and Renee was a live but just barely.

The driver of the other car was drunk and came into Charlie’s lane and he didn’t  have time to move. Now here we are Charlie is dead, Renee isn’t to far behind and their unborn child is still alive but not for to long. Renee was about 8 months along. People came up seeing the wreckage and one of them was none other than Carlisle Cullen and his son Edward. They ran up to the cars looking to see if anyone was alive and that is when Edward noticed that Renee was still breathing but just barely. He then looked down and saw that she was pregnant. They had to wait till the ambulance to get there and they kept an eye on her and when she tired to stop breathing Carlisle would blow air into her lungs. You see Carlisle is the head surgeon in the little hospital there in Forks. Also he and his family have a big secret, they’re vampires. Carlisle is the oldest and the clan's leader. Anyways, Edward and him  were going to the store for his wife Esme for a few movies, when they saw what happened. They got out of their car and started to help. When the fire trucks and ambulance  started to showing up they helped to get Renee out. Dr. Carlisle helped them put her on a stretcher, then he rode with them to the hospital. He was trying to keep her alive until they could get her to the hospital and perform a c-section and save the baby.  

The ambulance pulled into the hospital  and Carlisle and the other EMT unloaded her. Edward pulled up not long after. He followed them in and was told to stay in the waiting room. Carlisle told him to call the family to tell them where they were even though his daughter Alice already told them. Dr. Cullen and another doctor pushed Renee into a operating room to deliver the baby. They started to operate on her when she passed while they were removing the baby. When Dr. Roth (the other doctor) pulled out the baby he handed it to Carlisle where he and the nurse took care of it. Carlisle looked at the baby and saw that it was a baby girl. After they cleaned her up a little bit. he looked at the baby  girl and smiled because she had the most beautiful brown eyes he has ever seen and some very long brown hair. The nurse started to take her to the nursery but Carlisle asked her if he could take her. The nurse agreed and handed him the baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket. He walked out of the room operating where her mother was lying dead. He felt bad for her that she was left in this world with out her mom and dad. He made it to the nursery and asked if he could clean her up and they told him yes. So he gave the little girl a warm bath and she didn’t once cry. After getting her clean, he put a diaper on her and a little hospital outfit. He then placed her in a bed and just stood there looking at her. He smiled at her and she smiled at him. Then he thought to himself, I wonder what my family would think of keeping her.

He left her in the nursery and started to walk to the waiting room where he left Edward. When he walked in he smiled because his whole family was there. He took a seat next to his wife Esme and looked at his family. He started to tell them what happened and that Forks lost a really great police chief. Then he went on talking about how he saved their daughter. Told them how beautiful she was and that now she was alone in the world

So what do y'all think of it so far? I hope y'all like it. Please tell me what y'all think of it. Thanks for reading. JenCullen28

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Kristen Stewartas Bella Swan-Hale
Peter Facinellias Carlisle Cullen
Elizabeth Reaseras Esme Cullen
Robert Pattinsonas Edward Cullen
Nikki Reedas Rosalie Hale
Kellan Lutzas Emmett Cullen
Ashley Greeneas Alice Cullen
Jackson Rathboneas Jasper Hale
Dakota Fanningas Jane
Justin Bieberas Morris
Emma Robertsas Jade
JenCullen28as Jennifer

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