A Teenage life.


okay so this is basically just going to be some short stories about things that teenagers face in there life,

these things may not happen to you, may already have happened to you, or if your not careful may happen to you.

not all of these are going to be bad, since good things do happen, however bad things still exsist no matter how hard we try to ignore that. Remember when your parents are over protective that, that is a good thing it means they care, also certain things can be hard to get threw like not wanting to dissapoint your parents or make them angry, and its easy to say who cares its your life afterall live it how you want, that is the truth but its not easy and alot of people are to scared or worried to, that is the truth, its not easy dont ever think its easy, and dont always think people are lieing but dont always belive people,

We live in a complicated world, and the further we evolve the easier we make it for bad things to happen. we are all hypocrites and yes we all do judge people its human nature, you may see someone have a mental image of what there like and choose to ignore it till you get to know them but we deffinatley do all judge anyways. i hope you read and understand the full meaning of these stories, and hopefully the bad ones wont happen to you. x

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