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My sister is AJ Lee (WWE FANFIC)


Valerie's P.O.V
I was heading to Vince's office because he said he had my first storyline, I was very excited as I entered his office. I took a seat and he started our talk.
Vince McMahon-Hello Valerie welcome to WWE I promise you that you will love this organization. Here is your script, memorize your lines and be ready because your debut is tonight.
Valerie Lee-Thank you sir.
I left his office and went to AJ's locker room to memorize the script but I was interrupted when someone covered the light, I look up to see Layla with a smirk.
Valerie Lee-Hey Layla!
Layla-Hey Valerie, good luck on your debut tonight and I promise you that I will have your back tonight.
Valerie Lee-Thank you Layla Well I better get ready I need to look fabulous. I'll see you later bye.
Layla left the locker room which made me alone. I wore a "LOVE BITES" custom shirt, pink and black short and my nerdy glasses and of course I wore my favorite long converse with a little sparkle and pink laces. I straighten my hair and wore a ribbon on the side of my hair and I went out of the locker room and head to the curtain. The script says that after AJ wins her match against Eve, I will come out and play AJ's music that will be my temporary music and titantron. I watched AJ's match from the TV next to the curtain entrance and suddenly Layla came out.
Layla-Hey Valerie you look Pretty...
Valerie Lee-Thanks you too.
Layla-Hey Valerie thats our cue let's go.

AJ's P.O.V
Tonight Valerie will make her debut after my match I need to introduce and surprise the WWE Universe. Eve locked me in a vicious Sleeper Hold I was about to pass out but I reversed it using my signature move, the Black Widow, Eve tapped out and I was announced the winner. But I had to interrupt Lilian from her announcement and that time is now.
Lilian Garcia-Here is your winner, AJ L-
AJ Lee-Sorry Lilian but I have an announcement tonight a debut will be made and it's right now. Please welcome my TWIN sister, Valerie Lee!

Valerie's P.O.V
When I saw AJ Announce my name, me and Layla went through the curtain and I saw the WWE Universe cheer so loudly. I used AJ's titantron and theme. I skipped around like AJ and finally went inside the ring.
AJ Lee-Hey sis, tell them about yourself.
AJ gave me the mic and gave me a spotlight.
Valerie Lee-My name is Valerie Lee, I'm smart and witty, and notice that me and AJ have the same dress but not the accessories well because we have almost the same taste in fashion but in accessories, I have more sense than AJ. And don't you guys ever get in our bad side because you will fell the wrath of Valerie and AJ Lee!
I let go of the mic and we left the ring but we were needed by Mr.McMahon in his office so we hurried and arrived shortly at his office. We took a seat and sat down.
Mr.McMahon-Great job on your debut Valerie, now tonight you will have your very first match in your career and you will also have a relationship with The Miz. Now go get ready and meet me later okay, you may now leave my office.
I went to AJ's locker room and looked at myself in the mirror.
AJ Lee-Hey Valerie, do you want me to accompany you in your match?
Valerie Lee-Yes please but you have a date with Dean tonight.
AJ Lee-I'll just explain to him that I ran late because my sis got her first match now finish up.
I fixed my ribbon and nerdy glasses and put on some lip gloss. We went out of the locker room and head to the curtain entrance.
AJ Lee-Ready?
Valerie Lee-Yup let's go.
Lilian Garcia-The following contest is a divas match scheduled for one fall introducing first a new WWE Diva being accompanied by AJ Lee from Union City, New Jersey Valerie Lee!
Me and AJ went through the curtain and we skipped happily and held hands with the fans before we can enter the ring, me and AJ rose our hands in the air which made the crowd go wild. But after our happy entrance my opponent came.
Lilian Garcia-Introducing her opponent from Calgary Alberta, Canada, Natalya!
The fans booed on her which made Natalya angry and just entered the ring, I gave AJ my nerdy glasses and ribbon before The ref rang the bell which means its time to start the match. We locked each other but Natalya locked harder and she got the first momentum of the match. She slammed me to the mat and still locked my neck but she eventually unlocked it and started
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