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Speak. ( A Frerard Fanfiction.)


Party Poison:

Today was Frank’s party.

He’s turning twenty-five today.

I stood in front of my mirror and got to work.

I applied a thick layer of white cream make up, as if I can't get any paler and smeared it on my face. Next, I grabbed red eye shadow and lined my lower lid and then lined my upper one with black. I applied dark purple on my eyes so I could look like I haven't slept in decades.

After that, I added some fake skin on my neck, as if my neck was torn. I dabbed the area with fake blood and made the wound look realistic. It looked like I was mauled by a bear. Grinning, I smeared fake blood on the side of my lips and on my neck. I added the fangs after dipping them in in the crimson liquid. I fixed my outfit, a white shirt, a black waistcoat, black and white striped tie, skinny jeans and my biker boots. I placed the wig firmly on my head but then disagreed and took it off.

I like my white hair.

I smeared the blood on the front of my shirt and lathered my hands with it after I fixed the contacts in. I smirked at my image and grabbed a note pad and a pen and put them in my pocket.

I was ready.

I sneaked out of my window and looked at the houses.

They were all decorated with puny pumpkins and friendly fairies. I grimaced and walked to Frank's house, scaring children with my get-up.

When I was finally walking down his street, I heard the pumping music, the good kind, blasting through the streets. At first, I thought it was a teen party but then I saw it.

It was Frank's party.

He had good Halloween decorations, slightly creepy but that was the point, Halloween is not just about the candy, you know. I scanned the area, looking for Frank. To pass the time, I looked at people’s outfits. Some people looked okay, others looked creepy, some looked awesome, it was different.  The place was packed. I didn't know Frank's house could fit so many people.

"Holy fucking shit! Whoa, dude!" I heard a familiar voice scream.


I looked at him and smiled, bearing my bloody fangs.

"Shit, you look like you killed someone! Did you do that by yourself? That looks so real! You're a fucking vampire, right?" He asked, excited. I could tell he had a few drinks. I nodded and he squealed, "Great!"

I handed him his present and he hugged me tightly, thanking me over and over. When he finally let go, I got a good look at him.

He was dressed like a princess, a blonde wig over his hair, the wig tucked into a tiara and a pink boa wrapped around his neck. He wore a dress and pink heels, making him taller than me. He had Barbie Pink blush on his cheeks and light pink eye shadow on his eyes. A fuchsia lipstick was thick on his thin lips as he smiled and fluttered his eyelashes that had a layer of mascara on it.

What. The. Fuck.

"Oh, this? Inside joke between Jams and I! Cool, huh?" He giggled drunkenly.

He’s a fun drunk.

His girlfriend came out of nowhere, dressed like a prince. I tried to hide my grimace as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Hey, baby." She grinned and kissed him and he kissed her back. He was getting into the kiss, his tongue discovering her mouth. She had her arms wrapped around his neck while he had his arms around her waist intimately. I immediately looked away. I was intruding.

I felt my stomach churn in discomfort and my heart thudded painfully.

Gerard, he's twenty-five and you're seventeen.

He has a girlfriend.

He's straight.

He doesn't like you like that.

I felt my heart begin to crack but I brushed it off by looking at my boots.

"Oh, Frankie, we have company." Jamia said with a dazed smile. She pecked him on the lips and walked away to a group of girls who screamed in joy.

I don't know how they do that, but they're girls... Never question them.

I learned from the best; mom. 

I chuckled nervously and me he pulled away, "Let me introduce you to some friends of mine!" He screamed. He grabbed my hand and dragged me off to a couple of guys in their twenties.

I felt so out of place. 

We bumped into people, the air hot and it smelled like booze, sex and sweat. He continued to drag me towards them and then practically shoved me into them.

"Hey, guys!" Frank shouted. They turned around and yelled, "Frank!"

"Hey, guys, this is my best friend, Gerard." He said. They all looked at me and smiled, "Hey."

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Party Poison.


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